Inside and Outside of the Law

Inside and Outside of the Law: Perspectives on Evil, Law and the State
edited by Shubhankar Dam and Jonathan Hall

ISBN: 978-1-904710-88-2

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Inside and Outside of the Law
Shubhankar Dam and Jonathan Hall

Evil, Law and Identity
Respect of Religious Identities as an Instrument of Institutional Racism: The Statut de Droit Musulman in Colonial Algeria
Dino Costantini

Between Law and Justice: Did Venice Defeat Shylock or Vice Versa?
Michele Giordani

Narratives of Evil, Law and the State
The Ambiguity of Evil in TV Detective Fiction
Neil McCaw

The Slave of Allah vs. the Slave of Satan: Evil and the Trial of Zacarias Moussaoui
Katherine Curtis Donahue

Sevgi Soysal and Her Works: Literary Disclosure of Military Coercion in the Modern Turkish State the 1970s
Sinem Meral

Spaces, Places and Boundaries of Evil
Conducted Energy Weapons: Governing through Neutralization
Seantel Anaïs

Displacing Evil: The 1991 Lebanese Amnesty, the City and the Possibility of Justice
Jonathan Hall

Jurisprudence and Environmental Injustices: The Property Rights and Environmental Justice Movements
Darren Botello-Samson

Evil is as Evil is Done: the Policies and Practices of Bio-Spatialized Corporeality
Edward Weisband and Courtney I. P. Thomas

Sovereignty and Totalitarianism
The Dark Side of Law: On the Paradox of Sovereignty and Beyond
Harald Muenster

The Lucifer Effect in the Jedwabne Pogrom? Probing Collective Evilness

Regulating and Erasing Bodies and Identity
Attitudes toward the Destruction of Vampire Bodies in the Habsburg Empire
Michael Pickering

The Woman Citizen and Religious Un-Freedoms: Gendered Readings of Indian Court Judgments on Article 25

Walter Benjamin
Validity without Significance: Benjamin’s ‘Critique of Violence’ Today
Eduardo Maura Zorita

State Power
Disabling Evil by Obliterating Subjectivity: One State Response
Michaeleen Kelly

The State as a Terrorist? Arguing for a Category of “State Terrorism”
Thomas Riegler

The Unclear Legal Status of Military Operation in Iraq and its Consequences for the Dutch Judiciary
Anamarija Kristic

International Law, Criminal Law and War
Does Condemnation of Evil under International Law Encourage or Inhibit Domestic Promulgation of Laws Regulating the Same Evil?
Alexandra R. Harrington

Is it Right to Disregard ‘Motive’ in Criminal Law?
Ben Livings

Informers and the Battle against the IRA: The Plight of the Informer in Northern Ireland
Kiran Sarma