Interactive Convergence: Critical Issues in Multimedia

Interactive Convergence : Critical Issues in Multimedia
edited by Scott P Schaffer and Melissa Lee Price

ISBN: 1-904710-09-3

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Interactive Media Education in the U.S. and the U.K.
Tim Hudson and Kavita Hayton

The Difficulty in Communicating with Computers
Bertil Ekdahl and Lise Jensen

Accounting for User Needs and Motivations in Game Design
Lucy A. Joyner and Jim TerKeurst

Spatial Context of Interactivity
Stanislav Roudavski and François Penz

Interactive Multimedia = Whatever Intermedia
Julainne Sumich

Mixed-mode Communication Courses at a Multicultural Technikon
Dee Pratt

Construction, Consumption and Creation – The Convergence of Medium and Tool
Anders Kluge

Multi-disciplinary, Cross-cultural Community Building in University Multimedia Design Environments
Scott P. Schaffer and Melissa Lee Price

Is Electronic Community an Addictive Substance? An Ethnographic Offering from the EverQuest Community
Florence Chee and Richard Smith

When Identity Play Became Hooking Up: Cybersex, Online Dating and the Political Logic of Infection
Jeremy Kaye

Advising Student Software Development Teams for Maximum Performance
Randy S. Weinberg and Jennifer A. Tomal

Use of Interactive Multimedia to Improve the Lecturing Experience
Clive Chandler

Learning with Interactive Media: Characteristics of its Impact in Three Different Environments
Corine Fitzpatrick and Michael Mucciardi

Learning Language through Video Games: A Theoretical Framework, An Evaluation of Game Genres and Questions for Future Research
Jonathan deHaan

A Community Without a Vision Will Not Work
Bettina Dimai and Martin Ebner

No Sense of Cyberplace: Personal Jurisdiction in Internet Litigation
Lindsley Armstrong Smith