Interculturalism: Exploring Critical Issues

Interculturalism: Exploring Critical Issues
edited by Diane Powell and Fiona Sze

ISBN: 1-904710-07-7

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Intercultural Contexts

Search for Senses of Connection and Possibilities in Counselling Interculturalism
Katy Batha

Interculturalism and Migrant Workers in Israel
Leonard Hammer

Integration of Female Domestic Workers in Italy
Nada Bucat & Cristina Finocchiaro

Aesthetic Interculturalism

Intercultural Visuality: Image and Memory in the Work of Theresa Hak Kyung
Sandra Song &Minh Nguyen

Living Souvenirs: Intercultural Memory, Longing and Nostalgia
Diane Powell

Interculturalism East/West

The Mediterranean and Asia: A History of their Intercultural Encounters and Related Issues in Comparative Philosophy
Lenart Skof

East Asia in the Art of Roy Lichtenstein
Karen Bandlow

Independent Travellers and Southeast Asia
Samantha Chen

Interculturalism, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

Gadamer and Interculturalism: Ethnocentrism or Authenticity
Helder De Schutter

Silent East: How Can we Give a Voice to Asian Theology?
Kiyoshi Seko

Moral Perfectionism as a Challenge to Human Rights
Marjaana Kopperi

Interculturalism, Culture and Everyday Life

L’Auberge Espagnole: Interculturalism in the European Melting Pot
Olivier Béguin

The Elusive Truth: Intercultural Music Exchange in Addictive
Tamara Roberts

Epistemological Displacements in the Media and Literatures of the Americas
Patrick Imbert

Intercultural Everyday Life via Henri Lefebvre
Jones Irwin

Interculturalism and Education

Interculturalism and the Crisis of Value Advocacy in Education
Mark Brasher

Decolonizing Methodologies: Intercultural Research Ethics at Stake
Eleonore Wildburger

Intercultural Education in a Divided School System
Tony Gallagher

Creativity, Culture & Performance

The Ownership of Cultural Hybrids
Eric Chek Wai Lau

How Interculturalism Performs: Performativity, Performability and Theatricality of Interculturalism
Fiona Siang Yun Sze

Creative Contexts: Culture as an Agent of Change
Simone Griesmayr