Intimate Explorations

Intimate Explorations:  Reading Across Disciplines
edited by Alejandro Cervantes-Carson and Beatriz Oria

ISBN:  978-1-904710-47-9

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Under the Umbrella of Persons
Alejandro Cervantes-Carson

Section I  Re-Conceptualising Intimacy
Making Sense of Intimacy:  A Contest Between Love and Friendship
Pauline Johnson

Challenging the Idea of Intimacy as Intimate Relationships:  Reflections on Intimacy as an Analytical Concept
Jessica Mjoberg

Forsaking All Others:  The Norm of Monogamy
Bryan R. Weaver and Fiona Woollard

“Love is as Strong as Death”:  The Triadic Love of Franz Rosenzweig, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy and Gritli Huessy
Wayne Cristaudo

Care of Self as Demarcation:  Everyday Life Practices of Self Care as the Intermediation of Work and Life
Sabine Flick

Section II  Contextualised Intimacies
Love, Sex, and In Between:  Being a Woman and Middle-Class in Singapore
Goh Scuzhen

Masculine Indentities and Affective Equality:  Exploring Love and Care in Men’s Lives
Niall Hanlon

An Ethnographic Deconstruction of Sex and Relationships Education in Scotland
Paul Gilfillan

Intimacy Intervened:  Happenstance and Social Norms as Determinants of Intimate Relationships among Mexican Low-Income Women
Roberto Castro Perez

Intimate Social Values and Economic Transformation:  An Interpretation of Qualitative Interviews from Russia, China and Eastern Germany
Christopher Swader

Which Interests are at the Heart of Sex and Relationships in Scotland?
Lorna Savage and Rebecca Mancy

But is it Haram (Religiously Forbidden)?  A Comparison of the Love Laws for Arabs and Americans
Don Love

Section III  Representations of Intimacy
Disarticulations:  Love, Language and Knowledge in Contemporary Retellings of the Bluebeard Tale
Lucy Butler

No More Happily Ever After?  The Representation of Intimate Culture in Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Beatriz Oria

Of Multiple Collisions and Interethnic Conflicts Making Sense of Personal and Interpersonal Relationsihps in Crash
Olga Seco

Intimacy and Absence across the Globe:  The Literary Relationship between Georgiana Molloy and Captain James Mangles
Jessica White

Love Beyond Ethnicity:  The Problematic Representation of Intercultural  Relationships in British and Indian Cinema
Elena Oliete

Bye, Bye to Romance?:  Representations of Victorian Love in David Lean’s Hobson’s Choice
Esther Perez Villalba

Section IV  Challenging Intimacies
Exploring Strangeness in the Plurality of  the Teacher-Student Relationship
Momoyo Mitsuno

I’ll Look After You if You Look After Me:  Friendship, Family and Intimacy in a Hostel for Homeless People
Rebecca Brown

Animals:  Friendship and Love
Chad Wolf

Tell It Like It Is:  The Importance of Acknowledging Love as a Component of Abnormal Sexuality
David White

Negotiating Intimacies in an Eroticised Environment:  Xiaojies in the Nightclubs, Karaoke Houses and Massage Parlors of South China
Yu Ding

Disturbing Intimacies:  The Micro-Politics Of Interviewing the Embodiment of Political Evil
Alejandro Cervantes-Carson

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