Law, Morality and Power

Law, Morality and Power: Global Perspectives on Violence and the State
edited by Stephen King, Carlo Salzani & Owen Staley

ISBN:  978-1-84888-041-2
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Introduction: Law, Morality and Power
Stephen King, Carlo Salzani & Owen Staley

Section 1   Theories of Violence and the State

The Sentence is the Goal: Agamben’s Notion of Law
Carlo Salzani

The Faces of Violence in Paul Ricoeur: Three Fundamental Dimensions
Sylvia Cristina Gabriel

A Christian Anarchist Critique of Violence: From Turning the Other Cheek to a Rejection of the State
Alexandre Christoyannopoulos

Re-Establishing the Tie between Law, Morality and Political Power: Modern Legal-Rationalism as the Alternative to Legal-Positivism and Legal-Realism
Mehmet Ruhi Demiray

Private Law in the Service of Distributive Aims: Three Classic Positions
Tommi Ralli

Section 2  Violence of the State

The Radical Evangelism of Bartolomé de Las Casas
Owen Staley

Control Orders: The Beginning of the End?
Los Watkins

Discontent and Civil Disobedience in an Unjust State: A Case Study of Tribal Protests in India
Nithya Anand & Nishant Gokhale

Developments in the Criminal Law in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Abolition of the Death Penalty and Justifications for Punishment
George Novisi Vukor-Quarshie

Unequal Distribution of Justice: Legitimacy of Violence and Juvenile Delinquents’ Struggles Against It in the Court Files
Bengü Kurtege Sefer

Section 3 Personal and Political Violence

The State’s Dominion: Physical Violence and Consent
Stephen King

A Right to Kill?
Ben Livings

Does the Refined Adversary System Refine the Gender Discrimination? Rape Trial and its Courtroom Culture in Taiwan
Carol Chih-Chieh Lin

Human Resources Assessment and Digging Up Dirt: Getting Around the Libel Laws
Orlan Lee