Layers of Dying and Death

Layers of Dying and Death
edited by Kate Woodthorpe

ISBN: 978-1-904710-39-5

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Kate Woodthorpe

Family-Assisted Suicide in the British Media
Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli

Death and Dying: Making Sense of Life in Post-Soviet Cinemas
Irina Novikova

The Living Dead as Cinematic Images of Death
Outi Hakola

Complicated Grief
Sandra Jones

Britain’s ‘Punk’ Mourning Culture
Gerri Excell

The Making of ‘Good’ Memorialisation
Kate Woodthorpe

Institutional Loss: Dialectical Tensions in Coping with Major Loss
Melanie K. Finney

Traumatic Bereavement and Coping: Implications for a Contextual Approach
Karola Dillenburger, Montse Fargas, Grace Kelly and Rym Akhonzada

Can the Dying Mourn?
Kate Powis

The Death of Innocents: Noncombatant Immunity vs. the Divine Foetus
Lloyd Steffen

Do We Have Moral Obligations to the Dead?
Liz McKinnell

Don’t Fear the Reaper: An Epicurean Answer to Puzzles about Death
and Injustice
Simon Cushing

Tele-visions of the Dying: Ghost-Seeing in the Society for Psychical Research in the 1880s
Shane McCorristine

“Of Death I Try to Think like This”: Emily Dickinson’s ‘Play’ with Death
Lucia Aiello

Coming to Grips with Death: Explained and Explored in a Children’s Picture Book
Phil Fitzsimmons

Older People’s Preferences at the End-of-Life: a Review of the Literature
Eileen Sutton and Joanna Coast

The Wholeness of a Broken Heart
Leeat Granek

Religion and Medicine in the Process of Managing Death and Dying: The Case of Hospice Circle in Poland
Malgorzata Zawila

Convenient Arrangements with Death
Florence Ollivier

Death and Funerals in Sunni Communities of Turkey
Reyhan Varli Görk

The Body of Necessities in Finnish Discourse on Euthanasia
Leila Jylhänkangas

Images Of Death, Images Of Society: The Case Of Poland and Polish Community
Emilie Jaworski

Attachment Trauma, Sudden Death and Anticipatory Grief: the Chamorro Sample
Stephen W. Kane and Vera de Oro

Environmental Grief®: Hope and Healing
Kriss A. Kevorkian