Looking at Ourselves

Looking at Ourselves: Multiculturalism, Conflict & Belonging
Edited by Katherine Wilson

ISBN: 978-1-84888-016-0

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Looking At Ourselves: An Introduction
Katherine Wilson

SECTION I: Multiculturalism and Its Discontents

Representation Strategies of Cultural Diversity in Three European Capitals of Culture
Tuuli Lähdesmäki

Reification in the Census? Multiculturalist Policies and Identity Markers in 36 Democracies
Caroline Duvieusart-Déry

Friday Re-educated: Orientalising the Eastern European Other in Rose Tremain’s The Road Home
Józef Jaskulski

Parochialism – Revitalisation – Development: How to Build the Economic and Cultural Environment by Changing the Local Space
Dariusz Waldzinski and Eliza Chodkowska

SECTION II: Rethinking Conflict

Adding Culture: Multicultural Problem Solving in Water Conflicts
Boyd W. Fuller

Dirt: A Social Mirror
Meghna Haldar

The Invention of Gesture in the Lack of Words
Tina Rahimy

Imitating Art or Life: The Tragic Hero’s Emergence on France’s Postcolonial Stage
Stephanie-Alice Baker

Analysing Generalised Trust in Heterogeneous Communities using Social Representations
Olimpia Mosteanu

Addressing the Legacy of Violence within the Youth Agenda in Northern Ireland: Practical Strategies and Methods of Working with Young People within a Society Coming to Terms with the Past and the Future
Barry Fennell and Laura Stewart

SECTION III: The Politics of Belonging

Being an African: Some Queer Remarks from the Margins
Paul Prinsloo

Recognition as Negotiation
Giorgio Bertolotti

The Dominican Second Generation: Creation of a Subalternate Identity
Julia Meszaros

Fragmented Lives, Fragmented Identities: An Exploratory Study of the Effect of Out-and In-Marriage on the Identities of Filipinos in the United Kingdom
Ramona Buhain Bacon

An Identity Matrixing Model for Transculturality
Michael Kearney and Setsuko Adachi

Inside the Caves of Moon Palace: Being the Self Becoming the Other
Joana Lima

Self: Hand Me Down Clothes
Charlene April Clempson

Divide, Diverge and Conquer within Context: An Investigation into the Evolution and Synthesis of Female Fashion and Social Representation in the Arabian Gulf
Stephanie Ryan Cate and Annemarie Profanter

The Space of Salsa: Theory and Implications of a Global Dance Phenomenon
Katherine Wilson