Making Sense of Pain

Making Sense of Pain: Critical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Edited by Jane Fernandez

ISBN:  978-1-84888-36-8

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Jane Fernandez

Section 1: Making Sense of Pain: Breaking the Mould

The Ambiguity of Pain  
Sascha Benjamin Fink

Who is Able to Feel Pain? A Cartesian Attack on the Bête-Machine
Anik Waldow

The Mind/Body Problem in Contemporary Healthcare 
Gillian Bendelow

An Uncertain Anodyne: Making Sense of Pain through Mesmerism in the Nineteenth Century
Elizabeth Todd

Journeys with Chronic Pain: Acquiring Stigma along the Way
Amanda Nielsen

Connecting Pain and Drug Use in GLBTQ Communities
Ian Flaherty

The Trajectory of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain in Six Patients:  A Roller Coaster Ride
Ruth Ellen Dubin

Section 2: Making Sense of Pain: Liminality of Spaces

The Clinical Conversation about Pain: Tensions between the Lived Experience and the Biomedical Model
Milton Cohen & John Quintner

Inflicting Pain
Hildur Kalman & Naomi Scheman

The Audiences of Pain: The Indonesian Audiences’ Response to Human Rights Documentaries
Kurniawan Saputro

Communication with Emotions: Use of Emotional Intelligence as Pain Relief
Yavuz Tuna

Pain and Personal Experiences of Cancer: A Complex Intersection
Heather McKenzie

Revelational Indicators: A Framework for Analysing Pain 
Shona Hill

How to Listen to Chronic Pain Narratives
Mary Buchinger Bodwell

Section 3: Narrative Textuality and Revolt: Speaking the Body of Pain

Eros and Thanatos: The Murderous Struggle of Pain and Desire in Gabriele D’Annunzio’s Triumph of Death and in Lars von Trier’s Antichrist
Angela Tumini

Gravity’s Rainbow: The Baroque Folds and Contanus Sese Conservandi in Tarsem Singh’s The Fall
Yen-Chen Chuang

Pain and the Performing Musician: The Interplay of Culture, Cancer and Identity
Meghan Neaton, Jean Giebenhain, Sarah Schmalenberger, Lisa Starr & Charles Gessert

Dancing in Other’s Shoes: Between Pain and Pleasure 
Daria Radchenko

The Erotics of Pain: BDSM Femslash Fan Fiction
Malin Isaksson

The (Swedish) Zombia and the Welfare State: Politics and Emotion in John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Handling the Undead
Katarina Gregersdotter

Post-Independence Malaysian Short Stories: A Depiction of  Racially Inflicted Pain
Nor Hashimah Isa

Painstaking Pain: Alice McDermott’s Child of My Heart 
Hoda Elsayed Khallaf

The Discourse of Cutting: A Study of Visual Representations of Self-Injury on the Internet
Hans T. Sternudd

Shooting Pains: Addressing Illness-Related Pain through Video Autobiography
Broderick Fox

Negotiating Pain: Beyond Nostos to Co-Presence in Flanagan’s The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Jane Fernandez