Making Sense Of: Stress, Humour and Healing

Making Sense Of: Stress, Humour and Healing
edited by Aubrey D. Litvack

ISBN: 1-904710-27-1

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Table of Contents


Section One: Communities and Culture
Nervios a lo Cubano: An Up-Close Look at Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Baracoa, Cuba
Traci Potterf

The Role of Negative Self-Concept in Depression, Stress, and Anxiety of Married Women
Banoudokht Najafianpour

Asylum Seekers in Australia: Turning Repression and Stress into Long-term Anxiety and  Depression
Harold A Bilboe

We Aim To Pee: Unmasking the Secret Phobia and Reducing Performance Anxiety
Alex PW Gardner

Lonliness of Abused Women
Ami Rokach. & Raan Matalon

Section Two: Constructions and Conditions
Tell It Like It Is? Contributions to the Construction of Depression
Pete Remington

Collective Depression: Its Nature, Causation and Alleviation
William W. Bostock

Through Lack of Equivalence to Recognition: Making Sense of Burnout
Marja Kaskisaari & Sanna Rikala

Depressive Vulnerability as a Function of Person x Situation Interactions
Aubrey D. Litvack, Stephanie A. Mears, & Doug McCann

Section Three: Caring and Coping
Expressing Sensibilities: Healing Functions of Humour in Palliative Care
Ruth Anne Kinsman Dean

Evaluation of the Historical Recent Past: Humour as a Possible Collective Coping Strategy
Judit Ujlaky

The Hospital Clown: A Cross Boundary Character
Tom Doude van Troostwijk

“Nothing Seems Funny Anymore”: Studying Burnout in Clown-Doctors
Nicole Gervais, Bernie Warren, Peter Twohig

LaughterBoss – The Court Jest
Peter Spitzer