Monsters and the Monstrous

Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil
edited by Paul Yoder and Peter Mario Kreuter

2nd Edition
ISBN: 1-904710-21-2

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Opening Remarks at the Conference on “Monsters and Monstrosity: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil”
Stephen Morris

Session 1 Monsters Communist and Nazi
Monstrification of the Monster: How Ceau?escu Became the ‘Red Vampire’
Peter Mario Kreuter

Nazi Demons and Sicilian Monsters
Eleanor Chiari

Session 2 Monsters Down South and in the Big City
From Aliens to African American Creatures Two Examples of Monsters in Ecuadorian Short Stories
Wladimir Chavez V.

Monstrous Metropolis
Inga Bryden

Session 3 Monsters Hopeful and Friendly
New Territories: Biology, Architecture, and the Hopeful Monster
Chris Smith

We Scare Because We Care: How Monsters Make Friends in Animated Feature Films
R ichard Stamp

Session 4 Frankenstein and Friends
Frankenstein to Frankenberry: Morphing of the Monster Myth in Pop Culture
Paul L. Yoder

Frankenstein: Mary Shelley’s Horror of Split Consciousness
Kamila Vrankova

Session 5 Monster Medicinal
Invading Boundaries: Hybrids, Disease, and Empire
Kate Hebblethwaite

Session 6 Monsters Miscellaneous
Vengeful Virgins in White: Female Monstosity in Asian Cinema
Colette Balmain

Little Mermaids Swimming in the Patriarchal Sea
Nur Ozgenalp

Monsters in the Roman Sky: Heaven and Earth in Manilius’ Astronomica
Dunstan Lowe

Session 7 Monsters Attack
From Bluebeard and The Robber Bridegroom to “ Buffalo Bill” and “Hannibal the Cannibal”: A Look at Two Recurring Characters in Art
Verana-Susanna Nungesser

Creature Conflict: Man, Monster and the Metaphor of Intractable Social Conflict
Cary Morrison

Session 8 Monsters Medieval Revisited
here Is No Hero Without a Dragon: A Revisionist Interpretation of the Myth of St. George and the Dragon
Estelle Maré

Session 9 Monsters Undead and Giant
Vamp-irony: The Bestiality of the Socratic Irony
Eva Antal

Tracking the Zombie Diaspora: From Subhuman Haiti to Posthuman Tuscon
John Cussans

The Ethical Ambiguity of the Monster: Good and Evil as Human Possibilities in Michel Tournier’s Le Roi des Aulnes
Hanna Meretoja

Session 10 Monsters Psychological
The Sick and the Dead: Some Vampires, Soren Kierkegaard, and the American Psychiatric Association
Peter Remington

Monsters in Isolation and Monsters-at-Large: The American Psychodrama and its Practical Application
Emily McMehen

Session 11 Monsters of Childhood
Where the Wild Things Are: Sendak’s Picture Book and the Monsters Personified, Sanctified, and Glorified
Phil Fitzsimmons

Dysmorphic Bodies of Alice in Wonderland
Lois Drawmer

Depraved Paedos and Other Beasts: The Media Portrayal of CHild Sexual Abusers in Ireland and the U.K.
Michael Breen

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