Negotiating Childhoods

Negotiating Childhoods
Edited by Lucy Hopkins, Wendy C. Turgeon & Mark Macleod

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Negotiating Childhoods engages with the problematic positioning of the child within society by bringing children and childhood into the centre of our ontological and epistemological investigations. These essays offer a multidisciplinary approach and explore the ways in which such issues impact on our conceptualising of childhood and the lived realities of children.

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Key Words: Adolescence, childhood, children, children and education, children’s rights, children’s literature, ethics and children


Lucy Hopkins and Wendy C. Turgeon

PART I Childhood and Agency: Rethinking Adult-Child Relationships

Perspectives of Disabled Childhoods: Listening to Inarticulate Children and Young People
Allison Boggis

Children Talk: Children’s Interpretation of Childhood
Davita Naile Berberoglu

Sexualising Citizenship? A Critical Consideration of Contemporary Youth Policy in the UK
Allison Moore & Phil Prescott

Just Testing: Adult-Child Relationships and Comedy as Empowerment in the Work of Andy Griffiths
Mark Macleod

Shifts and Shapes of Emotion: Middle School Students’ Perspectives at San Roque
Edie Lanphar & Phil Fitzsimmons

PART II Historical Sightings of the Child

Conceptions of Children and Our Obligations to Them: Multifaceted Perspectives from Judaism and Christianity
Marcia J. Bunge

The Influence of Early Modern Epistemology on the Education of Girls in Eighteenth-Century France
Karen L. Taylor

From Disciplined to Spontaneous Child: The Evolving Models of Childrearing in Soviet Parenting Manuals during Post Stalinism
Natalia Chernyaeva

Childhood and Pedagogical Theory in Greece (19th – First Decades of the 20th Century): From the ‘Little Adult’ to the ‘Child’s Psychology’
Sidiroula Ziogou, Vassilis Foukas, &
Paschalina Chatzimpei

From Physical Recreation to Digitisation: A Social History of Children’s Games in the Philippines
Charita Arcangel Delos Reyes

PART III Risky Children, Children at Risk: Vulnerable
Children And Ideas of Innocence

Child Victims before the International Criminal Court: Avenue to Justice for the Most Vulnerable?
Helen Hamzei

India’s Child Labor Policies: Its Implementation within the ILO Framework
Aishwarya Padmanabhan

Dangerous Childhood? Constructing Risk and the Governance of Teacher-Student Interactions
Anne-Marie Grondin

The Child and the Maniac: Unsettling Discourses of Childhood Sexual Innocence in Ian McEwan’s Atonement
Lucy Hopkins

Meeting Childhood Needs: The Need for Humour in Children’s Literature
Elena Xeni

PART IV Child as Self, Child as Other

Remembering and Creating Childhood in the Works of Ingmar Bergman and August Strindberg
Karin Nykvist

Max in His Wolf Suit: The Borders of Animality/Humanity and Childhood as Discovered within Children’s Literature
Wendy C. Turgeon

The Scientisation of the Parent/Child Relationship
Stefan Ramaekers & Judith Suissa

PART V Rethinking the World – Children Engaging with
Big Ideas

Reconsidering the Examined Life: Philosophy and Children
Michael D. Burroughs

Holy Nature, Batman! American Environmental Attitudes in Comics vs. Children’s Award-Winning Books, 1965-1975
Elizabeth D. Blum

The Discovery of Children as a Worthy Audience for Opera
Theresa Schmitz

The Childlike Voice as a Means for a Therapeutic Narrative of Holocaust Survivors: A New Wave of Holocaust Literature for Children in Israel
Yael Darr

About the Editors

Lucy Hopkins is a PhD candidate with the Writing and Society Research Group at the University of Western Sydney. Her current research explores the politics and ethics of representations of childhood in contemporary adult fiction.


Mark Macleod is a freelance children’s author and former president of the Children’s Book Council of Australia. His career has spanned university researching and writing to publishing for Random House and Hachette. 

Wendy C. Turgeon is an Associate Professor on philosophy at St. Joseph’s College in New York and works in philosophy of childhood and philosophy with children.