Perception, Meaning & Identity

Perception, Meaning & Identity
edited by Irena C. Veljanova

ISBN: 978-1-84888-042-9
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Irena C. Veljanova

Part I  Intercultural Space and Otherness

Immigration and Liminality in Rawi Hage’s Cockroach
Jesse Hutchison

Refusing to be the Other: Interculturality as ‘Belgitude’ in German-Speaking Minority Literature in Belgium
Arvi Sepp

Part II    Mediating Intercultural Challenges: Policy Considerations

Preserving Arab Culture in the Kingdom of Bahrain
Magdalena Karolak

In-Effect Dissociative Policies in Australia: Macedonian Ethnicity and Empty Shelled Slav-Macedonian Ethnicity
Irena C. Veljanova

Part III   Collective Identities: Construction and Projection

Identity, Discourse and U.S. Foreign Policy: The Writing of a Puritan National Identity In The War on Terror
Simone Almeida Resende

Puerto Rico: Art and Identity Policies
Dialitza Colón Pérez

The Influence of Cultural Division on Country Image:  The Belgium Case: Flanders vs. Wallonia
Lavinia Cincă & Dumitriţa Dorina Hîrtie

Part IV  Fragmented Identities

Fragmented Identities in Doron Rabinovici’s Novel Ohnehin
Anabela Valente Simões