Persons and Sexuality

Persons and Sexuality
Edited by Allison Moore and Carlo Zuccarini

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Allison Moore and Carlo Zuccarini

PART I Media and Representations  

Media,  Economics and Sexuality:An Approach to the Greek Press Reports on Trafficked Women                 
Maria Kyriakidou and Sotiris Themistokleous

Selling Tantalisation and Titillation: A History of Camouflage                                                          
Neil Carr and Sarah Carr

PART II Faith and Religion

Sexualising Faith and Spiritualising Sexuality in Postcolonial Narratives of Same-Sex Intimacy                                                
Sharon A. Bong

Claiming Marginal Sexual Identity within Mainstream Religious Culture: Soulforce Q Equality Ride Case Study                          
Alexey S. Bulokhov

Sacred Sexuality and Conservative American Christianity: Probing the Boundaries                                                                          
Derrell Cox II

PART III Paradigms

Free Love for Free Persons: An Anarchist Utopia Based on Sexual Self-Ownership                            
Jürgen Schaupp

A Foucauldian Interpretation of Kinsey’s Legacy                                                                                  
Robert Darrow

PART IV  Sensuality and Aesthetics

The Big ‘O’ in Opera                                                       
Carlo Zuccarini

PART V Identities

The Fluidity of Sexual Identity: Negotiations and Performances in Phone Sex Work                                                     
Giulia Selmi

Sadomasochism: Deconstructing Sexual Identity through Power                                     
Flavia Monceri

PART VI Ethics, Plurality and Responsibility

Sexuality, Globalisation and Ethics: Some Reflections                                                               
Tom Claes

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’? Rights, Responsibilities and the Non-Disclosure of Sexually Transmitted Infections                                            
Allison Moore and Paul Reynolds

PART VII Cultural Constructions

Something ‘New’ that’s Been Here all Along? The Afropolitan Bridal Couple in the South African Bridal Magazine                                                                 
Benita de Robillard

PART VIII Renegotiating and Redefining

Working with Couples Whose Sex Life Isn’t Working: Current Cultural Factors Diminishing Couples’ Sexual Satisfaction                          
Tina Schermer-Sellers

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