Posthumanity: Merger & Embodiment
Edited by Adam W. Ruch and Ewan Kirkland

ISBN:  978-1-84888-018-4

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Adam W. Ruch and Ewan Kirkland

PART I   Gender, Desire and Cyber Femininity

Desire Online: Private Articulations and Public Responses
Ruzy Suliza Hashim and Imran Ho-Abdullah

Kinky Politics in Cyberspace: Gender and Xenophobic Violence in South Africa
Naomi Nkealah

PART II History, Political Writing and Thought Control

Memory Erased: Effective Thought Control in Dystopia                               
Elsa Bouet

Contemporaneity of Historicity: Appropriation of Historical Identities in Malaysian Blogosphere
Noraini Md. Yusof and Ruzy Suliza Hashim

PART III Time & Place

Designing the Networked Environments: Architectural Visions of Cybercommunities
Lara Schrijver

PART IV Bodies & Identity

Body Coded in Motion
Elena Marcevska

PART V Merger & Embodiment

Laura Boffi

To Have Done with the Judgment of God: The New Flesh                    
Devrim Ülkebaş

PART VI Critical Philosophies

Linguophilosophy of Cyberspace through English Vocabulary Development
Rusudan Makhachashvili

Cyberphilosophy and the Nature of Personhood: An Information-processing Approach to the Notion of Anatta in Buddhist Philosophy
Arash Moussavi

PART VII The Literature of Cyberspace

Cyborg Hierarchies: Ecological Philosophy and Cyberculture in Marge Piercy’s Body of Glass
Jayne Glover

PART VIII Avatars, Humanity and Videogames

Game Noir Approach for 3-D Interactive Documentary       
Daniel Riha

Aliens, Avatars and Andrew Ryan: Representations of Humanity in Science Fiction Games
Monica Evans

Remediation, Children’s Television and Dora the Explorer
Ewan Kirkland

Humanity and Digital Characters in Virtual Worlds: Crossing the Fictional Boundaries
Alexandre Monnin

PART IX Character-Community & Anthropology

Among the Spirits of Cyberspace: An Analysis of Shamanic Motifs in Neuromancer
Anelie Crighton

The Decline of Pseudonymity
Adam W. Ruch