Probing the Boundaries: Environmental Justice

Probing the Boundaries: Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship
edited by Belinda Clements

ISBN: 978-1-904710-38-7

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Belinda Clements

PART I: Top Down…?
Government responses to Environmental Justice: The Final Frontier: International Law and Corporate Capitalism
Kristy J. Buckley

What does it Mean to Regulate? A Review of Epistemological Frameworks and their Application within the Indian Context
Janak Rana Ghose

Legal Impediments to the Survival of Organic Production?
Martin Phillipson

The Sustainability Analysis Framework: A Whole of Government Model
Kendal Hodgman

Utilisation of voluntary Conservation Agreements in Australia: A Perspective on Queensland
Jo Kehoe

PART II … Or Bottom Up?
The Participation of ‘Laypeople’in Environmental Justice: Bridging the Gap between Experts and laymen
Kim Loyens

Using Facilitative Processes to Achieve Sustainable Environmental Outcomes
Tania Sourdin

Going Local? Public Participation and Future Mobility in Ireland
Henrike Rau and John McDonagh

Knowledge Production and Citizens’ Participation in the Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in Finland
Timo Peuhkuri

Environmental Justice and Hazardous Waste Controversies in Taiwan
Mei-Fang Fan

Reflections on Decisionmaking Process in Transition Society: The Case of Oil Shale Mining in North-Eastern Estonia
Maie Kiisel

PART III: Whose Knowledge Counts Anyway?
The Public Debate on Genetic Modification (GM): Varieties of Understanding
Linda Hadfield

Discursive Strategies in GM Policy: A Theoretical Assessment
Eszter Kollár, Attila Fonyó and  Miklós Sükösd

Getting the Message: Audience Resonance with Australian Climate Change Campaigns
Nina Hall and Cassandra Star

How Many Koalas are there on Kangaroo Island?
Sarah Wilks

Environmental Grief®
Kriss  Kevorkian

Examining the Technological Approach to Environmentally Sustainable Architecture in India
Deepika Mathur

Search for a Theory Linking Environment and Society
Doriana Daroit and Luis Felipe Nascimento

PART IV: The Search for Effective Moral Discourse:Environmental Ethics and Campaigning
Owning Nature: The Case of Hegel
Simon Hailwood

Sustainable Development, Bioethics and “Vulnerable” Human Subjects: Ethics of Sustainable Economic Enrichment of Diverse Traditional Cultures Participating in Pharmaceutical Research
Janet Brewer

Water Rights are Human Rights
Maria Baldwin

The Mobilisation of Norms for Legitimacy in the Global Warming Debate
Cassandra Star

Promoting Environmental Citizenship? A Critique of the Moral Persuasiveness of Direct Action Environmental Protest
Belinda Clements

PART V: Making Knowledge Count: Environmental Education
Environmental Education in a Course on Ethics and International Development
Judith Andre

Forward Thinking: A Teaching Project
David Hunter

‘Environment’ and ‘Sustainable Development’: Investigating  the Content and Social Dimension of Two Central Environmental Education Concepts Among University Students
Chatzifotiou, A. Liarakou G and Daskolia, M.

Empowerment of Professionals as a Strategy for Effective Sustainability of the Built Environment
Joseph Akin Fadamiro

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