Probing the Boundaries of Education

Probing the Boundaries of Education
edited by Frank McMahon and Tom Claes

ISBN: 1-904710-11-5

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PART I: Changing Landscapes and Ambitions of Education

Aspirational Higher Education: Real Outcomes
Jan Parker

Realizing the Ideal: The Scholarship of Engagement in Post-Modern Universities
Jayne R. Beilke

The Changing Nature of the Research/Teaching Nexus in the ‘ Modern University’
Tom Claes

The Role of the Czech Public University in an Innovation-Based Era: From Academic Socialism to Academic Capitalism
Anna Vitásková

Trudi Cooper

Defining ‘The University’: From ‘Ivory Tower’ to ‘Convenience Store’
Tom Claes

Partners in Education: The Role of the Academic Library
Nancy Levesque

Linking Law to Biotechnology through an Inter-Disciplinary Process
Marcel Dubé

The Changing Landscapes of Education: The Integration of Pre-Registration Nursing Education Within Higher Education
Anne Grant

PART II: Changing Structures of Education

A Scholarship of Teaching and the Idea of Education in Schools and Teacher Education
Caroline Daly, Norbert Pachler and David Lambert

Music Technology in Higher Education
Carola Boehm

The Music Curriculum in Primary Schools and its Effects on Teachers and Pupils
Georgia N. Nikolaidou

One Approach for Defining a Procedure for Development of College Curriculum
Dragoslav Peri?, Olivera Nikoli?, Miloš Milankovi?, Slobodan Obradovi? and Vesna Markovi?

Measuring Aspects of Student Satisfaction with Course Provision
Peter Long, Tony Tricker and Margaret Rangecroft

Student Expectations – How Do We Measure Up?
Tony Tricker

Who Do You Think You Are? Analysing the Potential Development of a Professional Ethos within PG Cert (post-compulsory education sector teacher training) Students
Elaine Fisher and Kevin Fisher

Building and Delivering the Virtual MBA: A Case Study of Organisational Learning
Inna Geoghegan, Carmel Moynihan and Dr. Rick Ladyshewsky