Problems of Democracy

Problems of Democracy: Probing the Boundaries
edited by Nico Bechter & Gabriele De Angelis

ISBN: 978-1-84888-037-5

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Nico Bechter & Gabriele De Angelis

Section I  Assessing Democracy in the West               

Pluralism, Legitimacy and Radical Democracy
Thomas Decreus

The Hatred of Democracy Revisited
Franc Rottiers

Democracy as a Collection/Society of Porcupines
Erdal Yıldız, Uğur Ekren & Nil Şimşek

Eliciting Students’ Attitudes towards Democracy: Towards a More Inclusive Understanding of What a                                 Democratic Way of Life Entails
Isolde de Groot

Section II:  Democracy – National, Transnational

What Counts as Democracy? Is Democracy Really what Counts?
Giuliana Di Biase

The Right to Democracy 
Rory O’Connell

Democracy and the World Social Forum: Democratic  Ideas in Transnational Social Movements
Gabriele De Angelis

Section III:   Radical Perspectives

Imminent or Spectral Democracy? The Problem of  Political Representation for Bruno Latour and Antonio Negri / Michael Hardt
Dominik Hasler

Revisiting the Public/Private Distinction: A Deleuzian Perspective
Mohammadbagher Forough

The Problem with Equality: An Adornian Perspective on a Contested Idea in Democratic Theories
Nico Bechter

Section IV:   National Case Studies

Direct Democracy vs. Democracy by Representation in the Middle East
Zvi Bar’el

A Fight for Democracy Internal to Democracy Itself:  The ANC and the Media in South Africa
Glenda Daniels

Democracy in Silence: Speaking, Silence and the Saturday Night Vigils in Turkey
Zeynep Gülru Göker                   

The Controversy of Muslim Education in an Austrian Democracy
Cornelia Caseau

Section V:  Reassessing Decision-Making and Participation

Let the Dice Decide! A Qualified Argument for Sortitionist Democracy
Paul Lucardie

The Deliberative Case against the Secret Ballot and Why It Fails
Bart Engelen & Thomas Nys

Universal Choice or Democracy
Mary-Ann Crumplin

Democracy and Intimacy: Contrasting Views on a Controversial Connection
Joaquim Negreiros