Re-Imaging Death and Dying

Re-Imaging Death and Dying
Edited by Dennis R. Cooley and Lloyd Steffen

ISBN: 978-1-904710-82-0

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Dennis R. Cooley and Lloyd Steffen

PART I    Philosophical Re-Imaging
Pragmatic Immortality and the Insignificance of My Own Death
Peter Caws

Concepts of Value, Attitudes toward Death
Stephen Rosenbaum

There Is Good Hope That Death Is a Blessing
J. F. Humphrey

Dignity of the Dead?
Julia Apollonia Glahn

The Haunt/ Demons and The Complex of Noon
Tolulope Onabolu

The Concept of Death in Children’s And Juvenile Literature – Reading and  Interpreting Death in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Maria Kissova

‘I want to live before I die:’ Exploring Teenagers’ Attitude Towards Death in Jenny Downham’s Before I Die
Maria Vaccarella

The Confrontation with Death from Rilke to Heidegger
Jacob N. Graham

Burial Law as View-Point towards Death
Wim Cappers

To Death – To Life: Grounding Sigurd Lewerentz and Erik Gunnar Asplund’s Tallum Cemetery
Courtney D. Coyne-Jensen

Heroic Death and Selective Memory: The U.S.’s WWII Memorial & The U.S.S.R.’s  Monument  to The Heroic Defenders of Leningrad
Susan M. Behuniak

Rethinking and Recognizing Genocide: The British and the Case of the Great Irish Potato Famine
Neysa King

Death in Self-harmers’ Eyes
Namino Kunitoh

PART II Communication Re-Imaging
Analysis of Terminally Ill Patients’ Weblogs Using the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) Program
Nothando Ngwenya, Stella Mills, and Paul Kingston

Archiving Grief: (Re-) Writing Histories in the Aftermath of Loss
Nate Hinerman

Communicating with the Dead through the Newspaper: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Patricia L. Bromley and Mitte J.A. Nimocks

Agencies of the Afterlife: Weblogs and Television Shows on Death in the Netherlands
Marga Altena

PART III Ethical Re-Imaging
Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Supreme Court: A Decade in the Life of a Constitutional Issue That’s “Not Dead Yet”
Arthur G. Svenson and Susan M. Behuniak

The Ethics of Patient Non-Treatment
Lloyd Steffen

What’s Wrong with the Brain Death Debate?
Joseph Wang

Death & Justice: An Ethical Response to Massacre
Vanessa Fredericks

Kantian Obligatory Suicide: Further Developments
Dennis R. Cooley

PART IV Experiencing Re-Imaging
“I’d Rather Be Home All My Life”:   Older People and Place Care at the End of Life
Eileen Sutton and Joanna Coast

Waiting for Death: An Exploration of  Suicide and Old Age in Ireland
Christine De Largy

To Worship God or Celebrate a Life: Conflicting Scottish Perspectives on Funerals?
Glenys Caswell

Quasi-Widowhood: Crossing Boundaries of Marriage, Divorce, and Death
Jacque Lynn Foltyn

The Survivor’s Guilt: The Case of Cancer
Shulamith Kreitler, Frida Barak, and Nava Siegelman-Danieli

Bereaved Employees, Professional Activity and Pain of Loss
Marc-Antoine Berthod