Redefining Europe

Redefining Europe: Federalism and the Union of European Democracies
edited by Julia M White

ISBN: 1-904710-22-0

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Democracy and Security Issues
Despite the End of the Cold War and the Leadership of NATO, Why Does the European Union Need a Common Foreign and Security Policy?
Priyanka Ghosh

Enlargement and European Defence Post –11 September
Rebecca F. Rogers

Rethinking EU Enlargement and Democracy
Kalin S. Ivanov

The New EU: Implications for Political Theory
External Cures for Internal Ills: Federalist Issues in the Institutional Redress of the Democratic Deficit in the European Union
Joelle Anne Schmitz

From Dialectics to Political Theology: Rethinking Complexity in Federalism
Isabel David

Subsidiarity in Light of the European Model of Federalism
Ivana Simikova

The New EU: Implications for Social Theory

The State and the Challenges of Modernity
Cristina Maria Gheorghe

Debating the Democratic Deficit: The Question of Legitimacy in the European Union
Olivier Ruchet

PART IV: Constitutional Law and the EU
Reflections on the Polity Legitimacy and European Constitutionalism
Zoran Oklop?i?

Incorporating the Principle of Co-Equal Branches into the European Constitution: Lessons to be Learned from the United States
Mark K. Gyandoh, Esq.

The European Union’s Institutional System as the Basis of a New Form of Democracy
Fausto Capelli

PART V: European Civil Society and Cooperation
Inclusive Education as a Human Right and Slovakia ’s Accession to the European Union
Julia M. White

PART VI: Cultural Identity and the New Europe
The Democratic Principle as an Organisational Basis of the European Union
Xenophon Contiades

Circumventing the State? The Demands of Stateless Nations, National Minorities and the Proposed European Constitution
David Adam Landau and Lisa Vanhala