Refocusing the Vision, the Viewer & Viewing Through an Interdisciplinary Lens

Refocusing the Vision, the Viewer & Viewing Through an Interdisciplinary Lens
Edited by Phil Fitzsimmons & Barbra McKenzie

ISBN: 978-1-84888-022-1

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Phil Fitzsimmons and Barbra McKenzie

Section I The Outsider Perspective of Looking In

The Camera as Prothesis
Roger Archibald

Reality Eclipsing Romance: Reading Luther Standing Bear’s My People the Sioux against Buffalo Bill’s Violent Frontier
Ryan Burt

Constructing a European Identity through Visual and Verbal Representation
Kenneth Marunowski

The Blue Page: Visual Literacy as Self, Sense and Sentiment
Phil Fitzsimmons

Different Images – Different Literacies: Towards the Understanding of Media Images
Katharina Lobinger

Section II The Insider Perspective of Looking Out

Child Art and Modernity
Ourania Kouvou

Threat or Thrill: Re-discovering the Suburban Landscape: A Framework for Visual Arts Research
Jennifer Kamp

Visual Literacy for Deciphering Cultural Identity: The New Central Bus Station in Tel-Aviv
Shoshana Sitton and Malka Ben-Pesaht

The Value of Visual Literacy Practices in the Education of Deaf Students: The Experience of Deaf Teachers
Tatiana Bolivar Lebedeff

Section III Not Looking but Seeing: Visions of the Past and Visions of the Future

Attention and the Visual World in the Society of Risk
Beatriz Tomšič Čerkez & Primož Urbanč

Reading Medusa
Sibylle Baumbach

The Vocabulary of Ageing: Image and Word in Antije Krog’s Body Bereft
Adle Nel

The Visual Elements of Flowcharts
Barbra McKenzie

EduArt: Encouraging Creativity
Jaroslav Vancat