State Power and the Legal Regulation of Evil

State Power and the Legal Regulation of Evil
Edited by Francesca Dominello

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State Power and the Legal Regulation of Evil engages with the responses of law makers and state officials to acts of evil as they have been performed in different locations around the globe. The essays in this volume offer a range of perspectives on the relationship between law, the state and evil, calling on us to also reflect upon the role of law and the state in the commission of evil deeds.


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Key Words: Citizenship, civil liberty, collective security, cosmopolitanism, discrimination, evil, human rights, law and justice, minorities, state control, state surveillance, state violence, terrorism, torture, war.


Preface State Power and the Legal Regulation of Evil
Francesca Dominello

PART I State Regulation of Terrorism

Evil, Law and State Surveillance: The Balance of Evils
Susan N. Herman

Civil Liberty vs. Collective Security
Francine Baker

The Criminalisation of Speech in an Age of Terror
Shawn Boyne

PART II The Limits of Law to Eliminate Evil

Torture in Postcolonial India: A Liberal Paradox?
Jinee Lokaneeta

PART III Evil, Law and the State in History

Evil Bands and Violent Narratives in Thirteenth-Century Japan
Morten Oxenboell

PART IV The State and the Evil Within

Protecting Us from the Forces of Evil: Judicial and Non-Judicial Detention in Australia
Francesca Dominello

The Period of Barbarity: Turkification, State Violence and Torture in Modern Turkey
Welat Zeydanlıoğlu

In Search of Protection: Facing Janus Faces in Protecting Chinese-Ethnic in Indonesia
Benny D. Setiano

The Challenges of Ethnicity and Regionalism in the Context of Democratic Transition in Cameroon
Samah Walters

Minorities: Their Contribution to the Development of a Host Country
Ana Ila

Citizenship, Law and Injustice: The Misuse of Citizenship and Law in Germany and the United States
Stephanie Wolfe

PART V State Power and Human Society

Government through Freedom: The Technology of the Life Course Arrangement
Anja Eleveld

PART VI Just Wars and the War on Terror

Coercion: The Neglected Quintessence of War
Jan F.W. van Angeren

Lying Down with Dogs: The Inadequacy of Machiavellianism as a Basis for US
Foreign Policy
Thomas M. Kane

PART VII A Normative Framework for Change

Moral Challenges to Laws in Foreign States: A Contextualist Approach
Stephen B. Hawkins