The Erotic: Approaches to A Cultural Contextualisation

The Erotic: Approaches to a Cultural Contextualisation
edited by Koen De Temmerman

ISBN: 1-904710-04-2

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Twelve contributions: abstracts and keywords

PART I: Philosophical Approaches Towards the Erotic

Eros thanatos in Benjamin’s Goethe’s Elective Affinities
Brendan Moran

Eros and War, Eros and Betrayal, Eros and Thanatos: Forces Leading to a Cosmic Whole
Peggy Manouka

Erotesis and Indeterminacy: Desiring Integrities and the Wholeness of the Self
John Augusten Nijjem

PART II The Erotic and Psychoanalysis

Differential Mechanisms: Form, Matter and Sado-masochism
Chris L. Smith

Dr. Love And Mr. Death
Andrew Feldmár

PART III The Erotic in Language

Comparative or Intensifying Words
Alphonso Lingis

Metaphors, the Erotic & Survival or How I Learned to Use a Tool of Repressive Normalization as an Instrument of Eroto-sexual Revolution
Jennifer M. Collins

The Erotic and the Pornographic: an Interdisciplinary Perspective
Katarzyna Wieckowska and Przemyslaw Zywiczynski

PART IV The Erotic in Literature

Deleuze in Waiting
Lorraine Markotic

Erotic Rhetoric. The Erotic and the Ancient Greek Novel
Koen De Temmerman

PART V The Erotic in Visual Art and Film

The erotic concept of “feminine” in Russian cultural tradition: between Orthodoxy and Socialism
Marina Novikova

Carnal (Un)knowing: the Structural Function of the Erotic in the Period Film
Olivia Macassey

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