The Fallible Body

The Fallible Body:  Narratives of Health, Illness and Disease
edited by Vera Kalitzkus and Peter L. Twohig

ISBN:  978-1-904710-40-0

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Vera Kalitzkus and Peter L. Twohig

PART I:  Memoir and Personal Illness Narratives

The Illness Community: Uses of Community in Australian Health Services, Support Resources and Illness Memoir
Amanda Nettelbeck

The Discovered Self: Dying and Death in the Shaping of Character
Marlene Benjamin

You Have Cancer
Keely Macarow

PART II:  Addiction

‘I use drugs, but I am not a drug addict’:  How Heroin and Cocaine Users Make Sense of their Practice as a Healthy Behaviour
Maria Caiata Zufferey

Addiction as a Disease, Identity and Normality
Kimmo Saaristo

PART III:  Popular Representations of Health, Illness and Disease

Narratives of Illness in the Eighteenth-Century British Novel
Margaret S. Yoon

You’re the Foreign Body Now: Making Sense of Leukaemia in Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body
Maria Vaccarella

Trauma Narratives in Canadian Fiction: A Chronotopic Analysis of Anne Michaels’ Fugitive Pieces and Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost
Patty Kelly

The Body at Various Stages of Decline: Health, Illness, Disease and Disability in Samuel Beckett’s Dramas
Eleftheria Kavazi

PART IV:   Media and Discourse Analysis

Woman as Mysterious Machine: Metaphor, Rhetoric and Female Sexual Dysfunction
M. Brown

At War with Ourselves: Immunology between Nature and Culture
Andrew Goffey

Shame on You: Discourses of Health, Class and Gender in the Promotion of Cosmetic Surgery within Popular Media
Julie Doyle & Irmi Karl

PART V:   Qualitative Research and Community Narratives

Illness Representations: An Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Belief in the Supernatural in the Tribal Context of Orissa
Mamata Mishra

Shaping Everyday Life by a Metaphor: Malaria in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Stefanie Granado

The Lived Experience of Older People who Suffer Chronic Pain
Beatrice Sofaer, Ann Moore, Immy Holloway, John Lamberty, Tom Thorp & Joseph O’Dwyer

Gendered Distress in Women’s Narratives about Cardiac Artery Disease in Kainuu, Finland
Marjo Taivalantti

Carrying the Weight of Disease: Female Obesity in Morocco
Adina Keryn Batnitzky

Part VI:    Health, Illness, Disease and Practice

Medical Students’ Use of the Body: Challenges and Tensions
Angela Fenwick

Between Defect and Disability? Problematising Cleft Lips and Palates
Dawn Alexandrea Berry

The Politics and Poetics of Migrant Tuberculosis: Making Sense of a ‘Social Disease’ in Contemporary France
Janina Kehr

The Interdependent Roles of Expert and Lay Knowledge in the Process of Trying to Make Sense of Medically Unexplained Symptoms
Marta Csabai & Katalin Szili

Suffering: Rediscovering Religion in Medicine
Stephan van Erp