The Meaning Management Challenge

The Meaning Management Challenge
Edited by Zhenyi Li and Thomas Lawrence Long

ISBN:  978-1-84888-023-8

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Preface: The Meaning Management Challenge: Making Sense of Health, Illness and Disease
Zhenyi Li and Thomas Lawrence Long

Section 1 The Socio-cultural Perspective

Discrimination in Health Care Services
Marguerite Cognet, Emilie Adam-Vezina and Sandra Bascougnano

Global Rhetoric, Local Actors: Community Health Workers and the Concept of Participation in Rwanda
David MacDonald Matthews

Rural Community Leaders’ Perceptions of Healthy Leisure: Resources, Needs and Constraints
Julie Son, Shevon Harvey and Kim Shinew

Their Natures are Similar, Their Habits Make Them Different: The Cross-cultural Challenges for Chronic Disease Primary Prevention in Canada and the World
Zhenyi Li

Section 2 The Power Struggle

The Military Metaphors of Modern Medicine
Abraham Fuks

The Construction of a Non-medical Point of View regarding Medicine and Health: An Example of Self-Injury Internet Forums
Baptiste Brossard

The Legitimacy of Alternative Medicine: A Question of Science or Social Ethics and Cultural Politics?
Archie Graham

Assessment of Capacity, the Person and Ethical Questions
Sandip Talukdar

Section 3 The Contextual Approach

Integrative Approach for Estimation and Correction of Human Psychophysiological State
Larisa Kruglova

Cracking Up and Back Again: Transformation through Music and Poetry
Diane Leslie Kaufman and Karen Deborah Goodman

From Sponge to Source: Health Information in the Lives of Gay Men Living with HIV
Joel Minion, Peter Bath and Kendra Albright

AIDS and the Paradigms of Dissent
Thomas Lawrence Long