The Patient

The Patient:  Probing the Inter-Disciplinary Boundaries
edited by Aleksandra Bartoszko and Maria Vaccarella

ISBN:  978-1-904710-83-7

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Aleksandra Bartoszko and Maria Vaccarella

PART I  Suffering, Empathy and Healing
The Liminal Identity of Physician-Spouse-Caregiver in Severe Chronic Illness
George R. Simms

PART II  Stigma and Brain/Mind Disorders
The Aphasic Patient, the Caregivers and the Health Systems
Gabriele E. Kitzmuller

The Suffering of Psychosis:  The Patient Experience as Seen from the Helper’s Point of View
Geir Fagerjord Lorem

Hallucinations and the Patient
Lorna Lees

PART III  The Patient in Literature
“To Write a Great Story”:  Margiad Evans’ Illness Narratives
Sue Asbee

Patient, Doctor and Disease:  Margiad Evans and The Wooden Doctor
Karen Caesar

Frances Burney and the Empowering Patient Perspective
Maria Vaccarella

PART IV  Treatments:  Mind/Body Dualisms
Moravagine:  The Materialization of the Body in Literary Works
Marina Guiomar

The “Other” Pain:  Wittgenstein Visiting the Patient
Fenia Tsobanopoulou

PART V  Health Care:  Depersonalising Systems, Alienating Spaces
Ars Moriendi and Being-toward-death:  Marlene van Niekerk’s Memorandum:  A Story with Paintings
Jean Rossman

Screened Medicine:  Hospital Environment, Familial Support-Systems and Patient Well-Being in Denys Arcand’s Les Invasions Barbares
Amir Cohen-Shalev and Esther-Lee Marcus

Transforming a Teacher and a Terrorist:  Hospitalization in Wit and The Cyclist
Judith Musser

PART VI  How Patients Talk with Doctors
The Patient and Communication:  Logos, Pathos, and Ethos
Carie S. Lambert

Ethical Spaces: Ethical Dilemmas in the Clinical Encounter between Patients and Their Biomedical and Complementary Medicine Practioners
Ondine Spitzer

Patients’ Reactions to the Content of Their Health Records
Torunn Wibe and Laura Slaughter

PART VII  Pedagogies
Teaching Empathy for the Patient
Mary Buchinger Bodwell

Israeli Views of Empathic Physician-Patient Communication
Ted Miller, Diane S. Morse, Amnon Lahad, Hannah Kedar, and Dorith Shaham

PART VIII  Culture and Communication
“I’m not sick, I just have pain”: Silence and (Under) Communication of Illness in a Nicaraguan Village
Aleksandra Bartoszko

“His body was a map of disease”: Remapping the Body of the Person with AIDS in Robert Ferro’s Second Son (1988)
Gian Pietro Leonardi

PART IX  Patient Identities
The Dying Professor is Killing Me:  How Media Help Make Illness a Moral Issue
Lisa Roney

The Patience of the Patient
Harold Schweizer

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