The Public Life of Ethics

The Public Life of Ethics
edited by Louis Colombo and Aaron Vlasak

ISBN: 978-1-84888-030-6

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Louis Colombo and Aaron Vlasak

PART I: Ethics, Disagreement, Democracy

The Impunity of Politicians: Rancière, Harvey and the Ethical Turn
John McSweeney

The Ethics of Testimony
Paula Kuffer

Happiness: A Private Refuge or the Construction of a Common House?
Javier Camargo

PART II:  Ethics and the Academy

Ethical Challenges in Today’s Higher Education Institutions in Lebanon: A Stakeholder Analysis
Berge Traboulsi

Cheating the Academy as Solidarity
Louis Colombo and Aaron Vlasak

PART III:  Ethics and Regulations

Transparency without Ethics? Some of the Effects of the Absence of Ethics in the Model
Victor S. Peña

Codes, Regulations…But No Systematic Ethics Accountability for Chief Executives
Kathryn G. Dengardt and Alain Noghiu

PART IV:  Ethics and Public Understandings

The Public Understanding of Ethics and its Relevance for Bioethical Reflection
Mark Schweda and Silke Schicktanz