The Real and the Virtual

The Real and the Virtual
edited by Daniel Riha and Anna Maj

ISBN:  978-1-84888-012-2

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Daniel Riha and Anna Maj

PART I: Theories and Concepts of Cyberspace and Cyberculture
Redefining the Body in Cyberculture: Art’s Contribution to a New Understanding of Embodiment
Umut Burcu Tasa and Âli Yurtsever

Human Bodies in Cyberspace
Ayse Sat

PART II: Online Communities, Web 2.0 and Emerging Practices in Social Networking
Hybrid Communities to Digital Arts Festivals: From Online Discussions to Offline Gatherings
Donata Marletta

This Time It’s Personal: Social Networks, Viral Politics and Identity Management
Nils Gustafsson

The Second Self Through Second Life
Kristi N. Scott

PART III: Cybersubcultures
Sex, Sexuality, and Cyberspace
Vikki Fraser

The Use of Social Networking Sites And Their Relation to Users’ Offline Networks
Natalia Waechter,Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Stephanie M. Reich and Guadalupe Espinoza

Cybergrace Among Eating Disorder Survivors in Singapore
Bittiandra Chand Somaiah

PART  IV: The Future of Interactive Entertainment
Playing Games as an Art Experience
Jef Folkerts

Anthropology of Accessibility: The Perceptual Problems of Human-Computer Interactions
Anna Maj and Michal Derda-Nowakowski

Part V:  Social Presence in Virtual Worlds
Social Nature of Time and Space in Online Games: Designing Fantastic Social Worlds
Göknur Bostanci Ege and Nicholas Koullapis

Web Based Authorship in the Context of User Generated Content: An Analysis of a Turkish Web Site: Eksi Sozluk
Burak Dogu, Zehra Ziraman and D. Emrah Ziraman

Part VI: The Cultures of Online Learning and Educational Use of Videogames
The 3-D Virtual Library Concept Revisited
Daniel Riha

Cyberculture: Learning New Literacies through Machinima
Theodoros Thomas

PART VII:  Digital Art and Interactive Storytelling
‘Print Novels and the Mark of the Digital’: Mark Z. Danielewski’s Only Revolutions and Media Convergence
Tatiani G. Rapatzikou

Intermedial Performance: Digital Connectivity
Tyng Shiuh Yap

PART VIII: Cyber-Policy and Cyber-Democracy and their Impact on National and Global Politics
Governance and the Global Metaverse
Melissa deZwart and David Lindsay

Politics and Social Software: Recommendations for Inclusive ICTs
Christina Neumayer, Celina Raffl and Robert M. Bichler

Mediatisation of Terror in Cyberspace: Scrutinizing Al-Qaeda’s Media Strategy
Rasha El-Ibiary