The Wicked Heart

The Wicked Heart: Studies in the Phenomena of Evil
edited by Sorcha Ni Fhlainn and William Andrew Myers

ISBN: 1-904710-37-9

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Part 1: Phenomena: Past, Present, and Future
Women Perpetrators in Birkenau
Sarah Cushman

Teaching About Evil in History: Demonizing Historical Figures
Robert W. Butler

Collective Denial: Serbs and the War in Bosnia
Merdijana Sadovic

The Seduction of Evil: An Examination of the Media Culture of the Current White Supremacist Movement
Anthony F. Crisafi

Homosexual Sex: A Convenient Evil for Conservative American Evangelicals
Daniel E. Rossi Keen

The Unholy Family: Christianity and Exclusivism
John Augusten Nijjem

Tourism and Terrorism: The Tourism Industry: a Perfect Target for Terrorist Activity
Thomas Herdin

Part 2: The Drama of Evil
The Challenge of Suffering and Evil: A Literary-Philosophical Approach
Santiago Sia

From ‘Bad’ to ‘Mad’: Labelling and Behaviour in Peter Shaffer’s Equus
Carmen Méndez García

Boys Will Be Boys: Public Language and Subcultures of Violence’ in Anthony Neilson’s Penetrator
Rich Bryan

The Book of Sin on the English Renaissance Stage
Andrew Power

Falstaff in the Worlds of Utopia
Natalia Roman

Part 3: Narratives of Evil
Torture and Loss of Faith in Parrot’s Perch by Michel Rio
Brigitte Le Juez

Narrating War and Suffering: The Short Form and Experience in Mavis Gallant’s “The Moslem Wife”
Justin Messner

Charles R. Maturin’s Representation of Evil and Wickedness in
Fatal Revenge; or The Family of Montorio (1807) and Melmoth the Wanderer (1820)
Anne-Lise Perotto

‘Bring Your Home Back to Life!’: The Malevolent House in Stephen King & Shirley Jackson
Dara Patricia Downey

‘Eviling’ the Woman and Taming the Beast: Fantasies of Power through Vivisection
Kate Hebblethwaite

1976: The Duality in Postmodern Vampiric Identity and Evil in George A Romero’s Martin and Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire
Sorcha Ní Fhlainn

Part 4:Evil Depicted
Seeing Evil:  Rational Science in CSI
Lois Drawmer

Evil as Good, Good as Evil: Contemporary Christian Music and the Loss of Religious Identity
Pamela M. Rossi Keen

From Hellto Hollywood:  Transforming (Un)Knowable Evil from Graphic Novel to Film
Ann-Marie Cook

Good and Evil in the Cinema of Martin Scorsese: A Moral Study of Raging Bull
José Gabriel Ferreras Rodríguez

Beauty in Mourning? (Robert Rauschenberg’s Bed)
G. F. Mitrano

If Looks Could Kill: Making Up the Face of Evil
Geraldine Biddle-Perry and Janice Miller

Wicked Women: The Menace Lurking Behind Female Independence
Margarita Carretero-González & Mª Elena Rodríguez-Martín

Hoping for Heaven, Landing in Hell: Lessons Learned at a Medieval Chinese Grotto
Karil Kucera

Part 5: Ethical Challenges of Evil
Punishment AND Treatment: A New Face of Evil?
Veronica Felizardo

The Myth of Our Righteousness: The Hijacking of Religion in Global Terror
Vincent Pizzuto

Ethical Aliens
William Andrew Myers

The Concept of “Evil” in Contemporary Japanese Nationalism
Charles W. Nuckolls

Remarriage and Ass-F**king: Shifty Byzantine Views of Sex
Stephen Morris

The Problem of Evil After the Death of God
Alan Watt