There Be Dragons Out There

There Be Dragons Out There: Confronting Fear, Horror and Terror
edited by Shona Hill and Shilinka Smith

ISBN: 978-1-904710-80-6

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Shona Hill and Shilinka Smith

Day 1: Fear, Horror and Terror (FHT) at the Movies and Religious Dimensions of FHT

Carnographic Culture: America and the Rise of the Torture Porn Film
Beth A. Kattelman

Getting Medieval: Re-presentations of Embodied Fear in the Film Se7en
Shona Hill

23 Days of Cannibalistic Joy: How Jeepers Creepers Sets Itself Apart from the Conventional Slasher Film
Daniel Carr

Fear, Horror and Terror: Contextual Usage in the Qur’an
Muhammad Imtiaz Zafar

Day 2: The Political Nexus and FHT and the Philosopher’s Stone
Clash of Nihilisms
Ali Riza Taskale

Long Term Terrorism in Turkey: The Government, Media and Public Opinion
Banu Baybars-Hawks

Re-presenting Representations
Ipek Atik

Dreadful Yet Irresistible Luella Miller: Horror in the Absence of Self
Chiho Nakagawa

On Chigurh’s Coin and Benjamin’s Angel: Fear, Horror, and Terror through the Fate of History
Stephen Hessel

The Politics of Fear: New Zealand’s Asian Inv-Asian Sentiment, Fear and Social Cohesion Policies
Shilinka Smith

Fear, Horror, Terror: Violent Movies for Violent Times
Thomas Riegler

Day 3: FHT in Public Faces and Public Spaces and In The Words of FHT 1
Societies under Siege: Media, Government,Politics and Citizens’ Freedoms in an Age of Terrorism
Banu Baybars-Hawks

Trash Mob: Zombie Walk & the Positivity of Monsters in Western Popular Culture
Simone do Vale

The Gothic Topography in Scandinavian Horror Fiction
Yvonne Leffler

Legends and Ghost Stores in Naples Between Two Centuries: Matilde Serao, Roberto Bracco and Benedetto Croce
Armando Rotondi

Re-reading Fear in Fairy Tales: Little Brave Riding Hood
Cynthia Jones

Day 4: FHT at the Movies 2 and In The Words of FHT 2
Portrayal of women in Popular Pakistani Cinema
Rabia Hussain Kanwal

Transgressing Boundaries: Genies in Turkish Horror Films
Y.Gurhan Topcu

Torturous Laughter: Expression and Repression of Horror in Rudyard Kipling’s “The Mark of the Beast”
Maureen Whittemore Moynihan