Understanding Violence: Contexts and Portrayals

Understanding Violence: Contexts and Portrayals
edited by Marika Guggisberg and David Weir

ISBN: 978-1-904710-65-3

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Understanding Violence
Marika Guggisberg and David Weir

Section 1 Deconstructing Representations of Violence in Art, Literature, and the Media
Post 9/11 and Screen Violence
Gabrielle Murray

Arabs and Muslims in Hollywood: Breaking Down The Siege
Kenza Oumlil

Nostalgic Violence? Neo-Victorian (Re-) Visions of Historical Conflict
Marie-Luise Kohlke

Media, Women and Domestic Violence in Turkey
Mine Gencel Bek and Abdülrezak Altun

Racist Violence Attacks on Foreigners, Mass-Media and Fear of Crime
Hakan Arikan

Symbolic and Discursive Violence in Media: Representations of Aboriginal Missing and Murdered Women
Yasmin Jiwani

Representations of Intimidation of and Violence against Women in Art from the 16th – 20th Centuries
Dolores Villaverde Solar and Elena Alfaya Lamas

Representations of Violence in Contemporary South African Fiction
Zuzana Luckay

Section 2 Ethnic-based Violence
The Intimacy of Enmity: The Hezbollah-Israel Relation
Daniel Meier

The Struggle for Survival and Security in the Middle East: An Ethnological Observation of Public Discourse in Israel
Aide Esu

The Changing Logic of Political Violence: The Case of the PKK in Turkey after the Invasion of Iraq – Violence for Violence’s Sake
Rasim Özgür Dönmez and Pınar Enneli

Printing a Pogrom: Violence and Print Communities in the Case of Captain Keller
Roland Clark

Section 3 Subliminal Violence
Preventing ‘Ideal’ Communication by Linguistic Violence
Gabriela Scripnic, Alina Ganea and Anca Gâţă

The Promise of Violence: Closed Circuit Television and the Contemporary Construction of Governmentality
Jeff Heydon

‘Domesticating’ Violence in Interwar Romania
Corina Pălăşan

‘Resurrecting’ the Self: Atomising the Individual via Solitary Confinement
Siyaves Azeri

Section 4 Victims of Violence
Rape as a Weapon of War: The Long-Term Effects on Victims and Society
Cassandra Clifford

Mental Health and Substance Use Problems: The ‘Invisible’ Scars of Intimate Partner Violence Victimisation
Marika Guggisberg

How Does Mothers’ Sexual Abuse Trauma Beget Trauma in Daughters? The Constellation of Mother Complex
Neringa Grigutytė

Powerful, Educated and Immune from Justice: Contemporary Cambodian Vitrioleuses
Jane Welsh

The Land of Oz: Youth Gangs and Child Soldiers
Melissa Zisler

Section 5 Attempts at Countering Violence
Mashing Power: Musical Imaginings of the Unimaginable
David Weir

Günter Grass – His Commitment Against Violence
Cornelia Caseau

The Rhetoric of Violence in African Literature
Oumar Diop

The Role of NGOs in Promoting Children’s Participation in Domestic Violence Prevention
Monica Denomy

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