Uneasy Humanity

Uneasy Humanity:  Perpetual Wrestling with Evils
edited by Colette Balmain and Nanette Norris

ISBN:  978-1-904710-92-9

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Colette Balmain

Nanette Norris

Adolescents, Authenticity and Avowal:  Views of Evil and Its Relationship to Culture and Popular Culture
Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar

Wrong View, Wrong Action in Buddhist Thought
Antoine Panaioti

Acedia’s Avatars in the Medieval World:  Medical Religious and Literary Perspectives (The Portugese Case)
Ana Maria Machado

Destructive, Concrete Evil as Absence:  A Reevaluation of the Theory of Privatio-Boni in the Context of Mass Atrocity
Peter Admirand

Questioning the ‘Witch’ Label:  Women as Evil in Ancient Rome
Linda H. McGuire

The Feminine Voice of Vice in The Ladder of Divine Ascent
Stephen Morris

The Question of Evil and the ‘Cross Pressures’ of the Secular Age:  Zola and Huysmans on the Lourdes Phenomenon
Scott M. Powers

Snowflakes and Tigers:  R.S. Thomas and the Problem of Evil
Darren Oldridge

Fritz Lang’s M:  The Crime that Dared Not Speak Its Name
Gary Evans

Hidden mages of Scorn in Kafka’s Last Story
Karin Doerr

And WHAT’s on the Menu Today? Greed and Glutony in Sato’s Naked Blood
Colette Balmain

Gaiman’s Coraline: Teaching Children the Meaning of Evil, Post 9/11
Nanette Norris

More than Mateship? Queer Desire in Picnic at Hanging Rock
Ann-Marie Cook

Mass Violence, Polygyny, and the Logic of Sacrifice
Charles W. Nuckolls

The Seeds of Evil: Dorian Gray’s First Two Decisions
Vera B. Profit

Prevent the Emergence of Evil in the ‘New Eugenics’
Jinnie M. Garrett

Building Better People? Three Secular Arguments Against Germline Genetic Engineering
Katheryn Doran

Amoralism and the Role of the Other-Directed Judgments
Andrei G. Zavaliy

“Victory is Mine” C. Montgomery Burns and Stewart Gilligin Griffin on the Lighter Side of World Domination
Richard J. Piatt

Evil Laughter:  The Joy in Evil Throughout History
Robert W. Butler

Is the Big Bad Wolf Really Bad or Just Misunderstood?
Cynthia Jones

Violence in Film:  Measuring Existential Reactions to Evil
Denise Crisafi and Anthony Crisafi

Evil in the House of Truth
Craig Hanks and Vincent Luizzi