Vampires: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil

Vampires: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil
edited by Carla T Kungl

ISBN: 1-904710-05-0

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Table of Contents

Conference Proceedings of “Vampires: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil”: A New Spin on an Old Tale
Edited and Introduced by Carla T. Kungl

Keynote Address
Getting to know the Un-Dead: Bram Stoker, Vampires and Dracula
Elizabeth Miller

Session 1: Vampires in Film

How Coppola Killed Dracula
Tomasz Warchol

The Vampire and the Cyborg Embrace: Affect Beyond Fantasy in Virtual Materialism
James Tobias

Dracula and Carmilla: Mythmaking and the Mind
Benson Saler and Charles A. Ziegler

Session 2: Dracula

Sex, Death and Ecstasy: The Art of Transgression
Lois Drawmer

Exorcising the Beast: The Darwinian Influences on the Narrative of Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Kim Hoelzli

Dracula: Degeneration, Sexuality and the Jew
Paul Marchbank

Session 3: Folkloric and Literary Vampires

Anatomy of a Literary Vampirism
David Cole

Vampire Dogs and Marsupial Hyenas: Fear, Myth and the Tasmanian Tiger’s Extinction
Phil Bagust

Session 4: The Psychoanalytic Vampire

‘Nursery fears made flesh and sinew’: Vampires, the Body and Eating Disorders: A Psychoanalytic Approach
Sally Miller

“One For Ever”: The Threat of the Abject in Le Fanu’s Carmilla
Hyun-Jung Lee

Session 5: Vampire Myths

The Name of the Vampire: Some reflections on current linguistic theories on the etymology of the word ‘vampire’
Peter Mario Kreuter

The Undead: To Be Feared or/and Pitied
Nursel Icoz

Death to Vampires! The Vampire Body and the Meaning of Mutilation
Elizabeth McCarthy

Session 7: Vampires, War, Depression and the Law

The Discourse of the Vampire in First World War Writing
Terry Phillips

“You’re Whining Again Louis”: Anne Rice’s Vampires as Indices of the Depressive Self
Pete Remington

Piercing the Corporate Veil – With a Stake? Vampire Imagery in American Caselaw
Sharon Sutherland

Session 8: Buffy

Vampire Transformations: From Gothic Demon to Domestication?
Milly Williamson

Fears and Femininity at the Fin-de-siecle: Of Vampires and Vampire Slayers
Carla T. Kungl

Session 9: Buffy Returns!

Good Vampires Don’t Suck: Sex, Celibacy and the Body of Angel
Dee Amy-Chinn

How vampire got neutered: Boundary surveillance and technoscientific discourse on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Marina Levina

All Bark and No Bite: Siring the Neutered Vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Suzanne Scott

Session 10: Vampire Subcultures

‘We Only Come Out at Night’: an overview of Vampire Role-playing
Sarah Lynne Bowman

Urban Vampires in American Films of the Eighties and Nineties
Stacey Abbott