Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment

Videogame Cultures and the Future of Interactive Entertainment
Edited by Daniel Riha

ISBN:  978-1-849888-040-5

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Daniel Riha

Part I:  Concepts of Gaming

Enriching Online Board Games: An Anthropological Perspective
Gaspar Pujol Nicolau

No ‘I’ in Team: The Era of Cooperative Gaming 
Matthew Beale

World of Warcraft: A Game of Motion
Adam W. Ruch

Part II:  Serious Games and Social Impact Simulations

Do it Yourself Learning: Case Studies of Gaming as Education in Virtual Worlds
Dana R. Herrera & András Margitay-Becht

The Role of the Quest in Serious Gaming
Daniel Riha

On the Virtual Frontlines: Computer Games and the War on Terror
Thomas Riegler

Part III:  Videogame Cultures

Pornography of Gaming
Michelle Martinez & Tyler Manolovitz

Maternal Engulfment in Horror Videogames 
Ewan Kirkland

Murder, Ransom, Theft, and Grief: Understanding Digital Ethics in Games
Monica Evans

Part IV: Gender and the Changing Role of the Player

Girl Gamers Rock! The Role of the Female in Rock Band’s World of Virtual Musicians
Kristen B. Miller

Man to Man: Sports (Games) and Female Characters
Riikka Turtiainen