Edited by Burcu Genc and Corinna Lenhardt

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This e-book presents the findings of the 2nd global, interdisciplinary conference on Villains and Villainy, which was held at Oriel College, Oxford in September 2010 as part of the research network Inter-Disciplinary.Net. Extraordinary scholars from around the world share and discuss their insights into the subject from diverse backgrounds in numerous academic disciplines and research interests.

Villains and Villainy 2

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Key Words: Villainy, the Double, Gothic, literary studies, film studies, gender studies, ethnic studies, English Renaissance, global perspectives.


Burcu Genc & Corinna Lenhardt

Part I: Renaissance Villainy

An Archetypal Figure of the ‘Villainous Jew’ in English Renaissance Literature
Ivona Misterova

The Strategies of Narrative Representation of Villains
in English Renaissance Rogue Literature
Kateryna Vasylyna

Damnation of a Hero or Villain: Christopher Marlowe’s  The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus
Seyda Inceoglu

Part II: Doubles, Criminals and Nicholas Dyer

A Complicated Matter of Villainy: Mr Hyde in R. L. Stevenson’s ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’

What is a Villain? Thackeray’s Play with the Reader’s Perception in Catherine and Barry Lyndon
Ellen Redling

The Double in Poe and Dostoevsky: The Descent into the Subconscious
Ekaterina Yasko

Steerpike and Evasive Villainy in Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast Novels
Arrate Hidalgo Sánchez

Enter Peter Ackroyd’s Nicholas Dyer: Architect, Devil Worshipper and Murderer
Roxanne Barbara Doerr

Part III: Literary Villainy with an Ethnic Twist

Washington’s Troops Skinned Dead Indians from the Waist Down and Made Leggings from the Skins: Reiterating Villainy in Native American Gothic Fiction
Corinna Lenhardt

Representations of Villainy in Yemeni Fiction
Fawaz Jazim

A Spanish Incarnation of Cain: Miguel de Unamuno’s Abel Sánchez
Santiago Pérez Isasi

Part IV: Gendered Villainy

The Changing Face of the Femme Fatale: Is She Really Villainous?
Burcu Genc

The Portrayal of the Male Villain in the Broadcast Televisual Text Hollyoaks
Selina E. M. Doran

Monstrous Action-Men and Jealous Princesses: Defining the Villain in Gendered Narratives
Dikmen Yakalı-Çamoğlu

Part V: Villains of Our Youth

The Triumvirate of Evil: Major Villains of Don Rosa’s Donald Duck Comics
Katja Kontturi

I Want More! Insatiable Villains in Children’s Literature and Young Adults’ Fiction
Karin Kokorski

Part VI: Villainy Onstage and On-Screen

‘Gainst Nature Still: Reading Macbeth’s Murder of Duncan
Timo Uotinen

Precious Villain … Honourable Murderer: The Betrayer as Scapegoat in Shakespeare
Shala Alert

The Sow that Repeatedly Devours Her Piglets: The Villain on the Nigerian Stage
Tiziana Morosetti

You don’t Make Up for Your Sins in Church: Dilemmas of Moral Development in Scorsese’s Mean Streets
David Sousa

Part VII: Futuristic Villains and Cosmic Killers

The Mad Scientist as a Villain: H. G. Wells’  The Island of Dr. Moreau
Oya Bayıltmış

I Am the Man in the Dark Room: The Puppetmaster from Cosmic Adversary to Cosmic Villain
Luke Seaber

The Evolutionary Villain: Alfred Bester as an Oppressed Victim and a Righteous Villain
Mikko Poutanen

The Cyborg Villain: Mechanical Hybridity and Existential Fear
Jori De Coster

Part VIII: Villainous States

Sexual Villainy in the Holocaust
Beverley Chalmers

The State Villainy in Orwell’s 1984
Cumhur Yılmaz Madran

About the Editors

Corinna Lenhardt is a Ph.D. candidate at the American Studies Department of the Westphalian Wilhems-University, Muenster, Germany. In her current project, titled Wild Horror: Reiterating the American Gothic for the Twenty-first Century, she focuses on defining and employing a postcolonial, neo-modern notion of the Gothic in the context of contemporary Native American and African-American literature.

Burcu Genc is currently a senior student at Bogazici University, Turkey, and aims at an academic carreer.