Villains, Heroes or Victims?

Villains, Heroes or Victims?
edited by Dana Lori Chalmers

ISBN:  978-1-84888-008-5
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Dana Lori Chalmers

PART I:  Villains: Culture, Religion and Spirituality

The Book of Dede Korkut: The Villains In and Out of Turks
Dilek Tufekci Can & Metin Ekici

Language and the Shadow: Post Structuralism as Ontological Divorce in Goethe’s Faust
Luke Strongman          

Rahu, Mars and Saturn and the Villain Stars: The Making of a Villain in Thai Astrology
Matthew Kosuta

PART II: Villains and the Community

Why So Saracen? Using Villains to Define the Nation in the Thornton Manuscripts
Danny Gorny

From Evil to Evil: Revisiting Ravana as a Tool for Community Building
Anita Shukla

PART III:  Villains, Gender and Societal Structures

The Silent Villain: The Minimalist Construction of a Patriarchal Villainy in John Le Carre’s Karla Trilogy
Sara Martin

Villains in the Family: Monstrous Mothers-, Daughters- and Sisters-in-Law
Dikmen Yakalı-Çamoğlu

PART IV: Historical Villains

Witches and Villains: The ‘Bad Guys’ of the Salem Witchcraft Trials in the 19th Century Fiction
Marta María Gutiérrez Rodríguez

Bandits, Spies, Mercenaries or Traitors? The Counter-Guerrilla of Manuel Dominguez and the Mexican American War (1847-1848)
Adriana Pérez

PART V:  Villains in Life: Prejudice, Stereotypes and Ideology

Villains in Nazi Theatre and ParaTheatre 
Dana Lori Chalmers

Historicizing Racialised Objects of Horror: The Black Renaissance Villain
Anna Fahraeus

Jarinko Chie and Ya-San Tetsu: Representing the Face, Heart and Underbelly of Osaka
Jason Christopher Jones

PART VI: Villains, Heroes and Victims: Villainous Ambiguity

The Disguise of Subjectivity and the Limitations of the Satanic Character
Panagiota-Naya Tsentourou

Cheaters Sometimes Win: Shifting Modes of Villainy in The Cheaters
Ann-Marie Cook

Who Can Find a Virtuous CTU Agent? Jack Bauer and the Tragedy of a Good Villain
Monika Bokiniec

Join Me and We Cannot be Defeated
Daniel J. Connell