Virtuality and Education: A Reader

Virtuality and Education: A Reader
edited by David Seth Preston and Tuan Hoang Nguyen

ISBN: 1-904710-10-7

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Developing and Implementing an E-learning Strategy in a School of Nursing and Midwifery in the Republic of Ireland.
Áine McHugh, Gerard Fealy, Alison Clancy, Jonathan Drennan & Tom O’Connor

Emergent Skills in Higher Education: The Quest for Emotion and Virtual University
Luis Borges Gouveia

Computer Aided Learning: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?
Jenny Prior

Reinventing Intensive Care Nurse Education – A Case Study
Justin Macklin and Audrey Blenkharn

Professional Challenges and Pedagogical Opportunities Pertaining to Virtuality in Higher Education: “I’m a virtual lecturer but I need real help”
Loykie Loïc Lominé

The Relationship between Students’ Orientations to Learning and their Use of and Feelings About a VLE
Adrian Bromage

The Islamic Azad University: The Success Of Privatization of Higher Education in Iran
Reza Simbar

From Theory to Practice in Distance Learning: A Case Study
C.Giorgi and D.Schürch

Plotting Virtuality: Dimensions of eLearning Space
Peter J Williams

The Challenge of the Paperless Thesis: Issues in the Implementation of a Regime of Electronic Theses and Dissertations
William W. Bostock

An Evaluation of an e-Learning Strategy: Watching the e-Learners Learn
Simon P. Bates and Judy Hardy

Supporting Non-native English-speaking Students in an Online Postgraduate Degree
David Catterick

Building and Delivering the Virtual MBA: A Case Study of Organisational Learning.
Inna Geoghegan, Carmel Moynihan, Rick Ladyshewsky