Visions of the Human in Science Fiction & Cyberpunk

Visions of the Human in Science Fiction & Cyberpunk
edited by Marcus Leaning & Birgit Pretzsch

ISBN: 978-1-904710-16-5

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PART I Living within Cyberculture Today

Cyberspace, Culture and the Local-Global Nexus
Mohammed Salah Eldin Abdel Wahab

The Influences of Technology: Understanding How Technology Contributes to Who we are Online
Marcus Leaning

Perichoresis and Praxis in Usenet
Debbie Herring

Women on the Web:  Towards a Cyberpsychology of Gender, Identity and Space in the Academic Workplace – A Feminist Critical Review
Jill Arnold & Hugh Miller

The Socializing Dimension of the Virtual Sphere in Founding a Lesbian Community
Yael Rozin

Pro-Ana: Peer Groups in Cyberspace
Irene Dunn

The Future is Now: 9/11, CCTV and Our Brave New World
Ursula Drees & Martin Bayer

For a Khorismology of Cyberspace
Dominic Williams

From DNA to TCP: Humanity and Evolution in Cyberspace
Robin L. Zebrowski

The Cyborg Body Politics: Politics in the Post-Human Age
Renata Koba

Cyberpunk and Empire
Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr.

Cyberpunk Politics: Hacking and Bricolage
Josh Raulerson

PART II:  Imaginings of Future (Cyber) Worlds

Glimpses of Humanity in Greg Egan’s Science Fiction
Sylvie Allouche

Freedom and Power: Cyberdemocracy in the Future Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein
Dena Hurst

The Death of the Human and the Birth of the Post-Human Subjects in Phillip K. Dick’s Possible Worlds and William Gibson’s Cyberspace
Guiliano Bettanin

The Desert of the Real:  Christianity, Buddhism & Baudrillard in The Matrix Films and Popular Culture
James F. McGrath

‘I met a ghost that was not there': Dues ex Machina and Associated Techno-Mystic Hokum
Andrew P. Saunders

Bound for Transcendence, Bound for Escape: Sub-Intelligent Technology and Humanity in Contemporary Science Fiction
Pawel Frelik

Surgically Altered Bodies in The Female Man
Cristina Alfonso Ibanez

Queering the Hets: Sex, Gender and Sexuality in The Matrix and eXistenZ
Hannah Ovnat

The Female Body in Bruce Sterling’s Cyberpunk  Novel Holy Fire
Birgit Pretzsch

Your Body is a Battleground:  Lust-Machines, Cyberflesh and Man-Meat in the film Tetsuo
Heinrich Deisl

Cyborg Iconography:  Constructing the Image of the Cyborg
Carlos Arenas