War Fronts

War Fronts: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on War, Virtual War and Human Security
edited by Nolen Gertz

ISBN: 978-1-904710-66-0

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Nolen Gertz

Section 1: History, War and the State
Politics, the Political and Violence
Javier Franzé

Section 2: Theoretical Philosophy in the Analysis of War
Across the Margins: Toward an Interdisciplinary Theory of War
Jeffrey H. Harmon and William T. Harmon

War as Double: Modern and Postmodern Thinkers Redefine War
Nick Mansfield

Section 3: Secrity, Rights and Sovereignty in the Shadow of a Hegemon
Canada’s War on Terror since 2001: Security or Human Rights? A Difficult Balance
Olivier Courteaux

The Canada-United States Border, Hemispheric Security and the Media: From Cold War to War on Terror
Robert Teigrob

Section 4: The IRA, LTTE and Al Qa’ida. The Unholy Terrors
The Legality of Targeted Killing as an Instrument of War: The Case of the US Targeting of Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi
Avery Plaw

Section 5: Playing War, Playing Peace: Enemies Real and Imagined
World of Warcraft: Creating a Safe and Secure Place for an Entertaining War
Christian Hoffstadt and Michael Nagenborg

Section 6: Epistemology and Methodology in the Study of Conflict
Experiencing German Bunkers in Denmark: Space and Performance in Commemoration
Mette Haakonsen

Enduring the Inner Enemy: Military Boredom Past and Present
Bård Mæland

Towards an Enhanced Understanding of Diplomacy as the Business of Peace
Stuart Murray

Section 7: Responses and Representations of the Trauma of War
Censorship, Propaganda, and The Production of ‘Shell Shock’ in World War I
Nolen Gertz

Section 8A: Law, War and Terror
Why there is No Such Thing as Political Terrorism
Bob Brecher

Section 8B: Art in War: Depicting Conflict
Their War and Mine: Implications of Self- Portraiture for Australian Official War Artists
Sam Bowker

Iraqi Schoolchildren Draw Shock and Awe: Depictions of Life Under War
Nahal Zamani

Section 9: Human Security: Replacing or Replicating a Human Rights Approach?

Voices-Paths of Peace in Lebanon: Contributions of the 25-40 Age Group
Pamela Chrabieh Badine

An Unfulfilled Promise: Why Implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 Remains Elusive
Elizabeth Moore

Insecurity by Impreciseness: Towards a Specific Concept of Security
Benjamin Rampp

Section 10: Battlegrounds Old and New
Battlefield Interpretations and the Role of the Imagination in the Development of British Infantry Weapons, From the 1880s to the Present Day
Matthew Ford

Morality, Global War on Terrorism and the Emergence of a New Biopolitical Order
Manuel R. Rodríguez