Where Fear Lurks

Where Fear Lurks
edited by Michèle Huppert

ISBN: 978-1-904710-55-4

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Michèle Huppert

Hawthorne’s Short Fiction: Compassion or Castigation for those Fated to Fear and Horror?
Naela Danish

The Destruction of the Hero: An Examination of the Hero’s Purpose in Lovecraft’s Works
James L. Aevermann

Terror and the Gothic Sublime: Presenting the Unrepresentable
Maria Beville

Post-memory in Art Spiegelman’s Maus
Siao-Jing Sun

Horrifying Quixote: The Thin Line between Fear and Laughter
Stephen Hessel

And the moral of the story is…: Horror Cinema as Modern Day Fairy Tale
David Carter

It scares me, but I like it. Considering why Children Enjoy Terror in Ancient Mexican Legends and Recent Children’s Literature
Rita Dromundo

Amores Terrified and Terrifying: An Examination of the Defensive Organization of Fundamentalism
Michèle Huppert

Sexing the Doppelgänger: A Recourse to Poe’s ‘Ligeia’
Susan Yi Sencindiver

Zionism, Post Zionism and Fear of Arabness
Henriette Dahan Kalev

Fear and Horror in a Small Town: The Legacy of the Disappearance of Marilyn Wallman
Belinda Morrissey and Kristen Davis

An Immediate Recoiling Approach: Georges Bataille and Richard Kearney on the Transmutations of Dread
Apple Zefelius Igrek

‘Witches, live witches! The house is full of witches!’ The Concept of Fear in Early Modern Witchcraft Drama
Madeleine Harwood

A Traditional Female Vengeful Ghost or the Machine in a Ghost? Narrative Dynamics and Horror Effects in Ringu
Eric K.W. Yu

Rending the Terror-Horror Nexus: The Manifest Lie and its Role in Facilitating Acts of Illegitimate Political Violence
C. Ferguson McGregor