Welcome to Global Interdisciplinary Research Studies. From here you can access, discover, sample and subscribe to our range of cutting edge, innovative interdisciplinary journals.

Journals are an important means of communication, allowing for the publication of innovative and creative research which in turn is an invitation to a wider audience to participate and join the dialogues on which that research is based. In a time where academia is becoming increasingly splintered into super-focused interest specialisms, our journals encourage learning, share information, promote resources for collaboration, signpost possibilities for interdisciplinary research and show where the possibilities lie for further interdisciplinary development and exploration.

In addition, journals in the Global Interdisciplinary Research Studies series are designed to have the widest possible access. Conversations begin only when others have the opportunity to join in: our strategy is to make the scholarship not only accessible but also available so that meaningful engagement becomes possible with the issues and the areas being explored. The work of the journals is not only to encourage interdisciplinarity, but also to create connections and in the process of creating connections bring people together from different areas, professions, disciplines, professions and vocations. Exclusivity and isolationism have no educational benefit and we are committed to the view that the work of the journals is to try to bring together  a multi-layered approach to whatever is being explored.

All contributions are double blind peer review (or equivalent where non-academic contributions are concerned);  all contributions are considered to operate at the interface of subject, discipline and professional practice, probing the boundaries of what interdisciplinarity can offer and examining the critical issues which need to be tackled for future research and writing.

For 2009 our journals will include:

Further titles are expected to be released during 2013.