Monsters and the Monstrous

Monsters Front Final 1g 2010 Web Large . .Global Interdisciplinary Research Studies

..The Global Journal of Monsters and the Monstrous

.. ISSN: 1756-770X



. .Editors
.. Simon Bacon
. .(Independent Scholar, Poland)

. .Peter Mario Kreuter (Reviews)
. .(Sudost-Institut, Regensburg, Germany)

.. Deborah Christie (Reviews)
. .(EPCI University, USA)


Monsters and the Monstrous is a biannual peer reviewed global journal that serves to explore the broad concept of “The Monster” and “The Monstrous” from a multifaceted inter-disciplinary perspective. The journal publishes work that seeks to investigate and assess the enduring influence and imagery of monsters and the monstrous on human culture throughout history. In particular, the journal will have a dual focus with the intention of examining specific ‘monsters’ as well as evaluating the role, function and consequences of persons, actions or events identified as ‘monstrous’. The history and contemporary cultural influences of monsters and monstrous metaphors will also be examined.


Perspectives are sought from those engaged in the fields of literature, media studies, cultural studies, history, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, health and theology. Ideas are welcomed from those involved in academic study, fictional explorations, and applied areas (e.g. youth work, criminology and medicine).


The journal is related to the work of the Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil research and publications project. In addition to multiple electronic and hard copy publications, the work of the journal is supported and enhanced by an electronic discussion group and eForum. The journal warmly welcomes contributions from any one who wishes to engage in the issues and debates at the heart of this exciting and challenging project.