Boundaries: Dichotomies of Keeping In and Keeping Out


Boundaries: Dichotomies of Keeping In and Keeping Out


Edited by Julian Chapple

Year: 2010

Format: eBook


This volume is a collection of the chapter presentations contributed by participants in the 5th Global Conference on Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship held in Salzburg, Austria, from November 6th – 8th, 2009.

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The approach taken in almost all chapters is indicative of the problems and possible solutions; issues can either be examined from top down (what the state or society can/should do) or bottom up (what individuals can do). Given the plethora of notions and ideas associated with pluralism, inclusion and citizenship, the variety and degree of difference in topic and depth/level of discussion is understandable. However, from the rich discussions and presentations that took place, we can pull together several over-arching threads of consciousness that weave through all the chapters and provide considerable fuel for future discussion, collaboration and planning.

Julian Chapple

Jane Addams, Pragmatism and Rhetorical Citizen ship in Multicultural Democracies
Robert Danisch

The Postmodern Liberal Concept of Citizenship
Sanja Ivic

Italian and Portuguese Civil Society: Its Role in Immigrant Political Mobilisation
Sonia Pires

Claim-making of Urban Poor and the Role of Intermediary Brokering Organisations
Swetha Rao Dhanaka

A Good Sweedishness? Expressions of Swedish National Identity in Minority and Integration Policies
Ellinor Hamrén

Living between Countries, Living between Nature and Society: Anthropological Remarks on National and Cultural Identities
Humberto Martins

Free to Move but Nowhere to Go: The Renovation of Freedom of Movement as a Human Right for the Roma
Alessandra Beasley Von Burg

How to Empower Gypsies: An Ethnographic Study
Elisabetta Di Giovanni

The Potential and Possibility of a Pluralistic Japan
Julian Chapple

Diversity in Parliaments of Germany: Turkey-origin Members of Parliament in Germany
Devrimsel Deniz Nergiz

Public Broadcasting in New Zealand: Is State Media Inclusive Media?
Donald Reid

Transnational Practices of Care: The Azorean Migration in Quebec (Canada)
Ana Gherghel

Justice, the Next Frontier: Inclusion of Individuals with Mental Disorders within Liberal Theories of Justice
Melissa Alanna Matheson

Economic Migrants, Expatriate Citizens and the Right to Vote within the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
Wessel le Roux

British South Asian Muslim Women, National Identities and Cosmopolitanism
Fazila Bhimji

Julian Chapple is an Associate Professor in international relations at Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan. Presently his research focuses on two main themes: minority rights and citizenship in Japan and language policy and learning and its implications.