Dynamic Creativity

We are delighted to have established a dynamic and creative partnership with Rodopi.  Rodopi share the same commitment to inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research, and over the past decade we have forged and to continue to grow in cooperation with them a publication series dedicated to bringing cutting edge thinking into print.

Rodopi are an independent academic publishing house with over 40 years of international publishing success. Although the main language of publication is English, their multilingual list includes German, French, and Spanish. They publish over 150 titles per year. These monographs and collective volumes form a varied program of more than 60 series, for a wide readership of scholars, academics, and other readers.

Rodopi and Inter-Disciplinay.Net came into partnership due to Rodopi’s stated commitment to publishing series that generate new domains as a response to the needs of academics and their fields, from different areas of specialization. One of Rodopi’s distinctive policies has been to maintain a close relationship with leading and internationally oriented teams of scholars from different continents. Rodopi seeks to continue playing a vital role in promoting projects of high quality and innovation. This is clearly reflected in the many ground-breaking series they already publish – and which is reflected in our partnership with them to publish the At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries series.

At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries

At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries seeks to encourage and promote cutting edge inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary projects and inquiry. By bringing people together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, the aim is to engage in conversations that are innovative, imaginative, and creatively interactive. Inter-Disciplinary dialogue enables people to go beyond the boundaries of what they usually encounter and share in perspectives that are new, challenging, and richly rewarding. This kind of dialogue often illuminates one’s own area of work, is suggestive of new possibilities for development, and creates exciting horizons for future conversations with persons from a wide variety of national and international settings. By sharing cross-disciplinary insights and perspectives, ATI/PTB publications are designed to be both exploratory examinations of particular areas and issues, and rigorous inquiries into specific subjects. Books in the series are enabling resources which will encourage sustained and creative dialogue, and become the future resource for further inquiries and research.


All details concerning the At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries series can now be found on our new Inter-Disciplinary Press web site. Click on the name to open a new window.