About Us

As a global network of people, projects, and events, Inter-Disciplinary.Net is an enabling resource which supports the exploration, development and publication of work that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. Our network is a dynamic fabric of opportunities that can be created only within an interdisciplinary framework. Since its inception over sixteen years ago, the activities under the aegis of Inter-Disciplinary.Net have amply demonstrated this to be so. In that time our programme of conferences and publishing has expanded into a manifold of interlaced projects of meetings, eBooks, journals, hard copy volumes, resource wiki, eForums and various discussions groups.

Inter-Disciplinary.Net is committed to inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary pursuits and to the raising of awareness of such work. We have an extensive, widespread and continually evolving programme that attracts researchers from all over the world. As a direct result of our activities, collaborative projects have been and continue to be active across the world. Indeed, we actively encourage partnership ventures and proposals. Indeed, our new initiative – Collaborate  – will be a space where people can come together to find global partners for research, meeting and publishing projects.