The 6 Pillars

Inter-Disciplinary.Net is guided by 6 pillars which underpin and direct everything we do at all levels of the network and its activities. Interdisciplinarity is a way of living as well as a way of thinking, acting and behaving.  It is, at heart, an experience. And we believe these 6 pillars help create meaningful interdisciplinary experiences for any one who comes and participates in what we do.

The 6 pillars are:

1. Is it interdisciplinary?

2. Does it ensure equality of access?

3. Does it build and invite inclusive pathways to global understandings?

4. Will it help people learn, grow, evolve and transform?

5. Will it create contexts within which theoreticians, practitioners, skilled professionals and others can begin to engage with each other and continue that engagement beyond the initial encounter?

6. Will participation in the experience benefit communities and societies?

These considerations inform, structure and shape the work that we do and the way we do it; they provide the momentum which inspires the what, the how and the why of interdisciplinary work.

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