Sport, Masculinity and Sexuality

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new study by Andy Harvey entitled Boys Will be Boys: An Interdisciplinary Study of Sport, Masculinity and Sexuality. Harvey examines the troubled history of sport, masculinity and sexuality through a truly interdisciplinary lens. Drawing on literary studies, sport history, sociology and psychoanalysis, the book offers new perspectives on the ambivalent intersections between male team sports, heterosexual masculinity and gay men. In the process, the book offers fresh readings of classic sports books, including Thomas Hughes’ Tom Browns Schooldays, Don DeLillo’s End Zone and Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch.  Charting a course that commences in the mid-nineteenth century English public schools and ends with an examination of masculinity and sexuality in contemporary professional football, the book takes excursions into rugby league in the 1950s, American football in the 1970s and the football terraces of England of the 1990s. The study is rigorously interdisciplinary and theoretically informed but always accessible to a wide readership as well of interest to scholars and students of sport, gender and sexuality. Use the code “harvboys” before the end of May to get 20% off the cover price.