The Project
Welcome to the Diasporas – Exploring Critical Issues project home page. This inter- and multi-disciplinary project seeks to explore the contemporary experience of diasporas – communities who conceive of themselves as a national, ethnic, linguistic or other form of cultural and political construction of collective membership living outside of their ‘home lands.’ In particular, key issues to be addressed include: what are the defining characteristics of diasporas and what distinguishes one from the other? What roles do ‘home’ and ‘host’ cultures play in developing relationships between communities in a global environment? How does the concept of diaspora renew or reinvent itself; does it capture new global realities or designate old phenomena in new ways? The project will also assess the larger context of major world transformations, for example, new forms of migration and the massive movements of people across the globe, as well as the impact of globalisation on tensions, conflicts and the sense of acceptance, rootedness and membership.

Looking to encourage innovative trans-disciplinary dialogues, we warmly welcome papers from all disciplines, professions and vocations that struggle to understand what it means for people today to have diasporic experiences and a multiplicity of social, political and cultural memberships.

The Issues
• defining and theorising ‘diaspora’
• migration, settlement, identity
• home, community and belonging
• globalisation
• multiculturalism and citizenship
• generational issues
• sex and gender
• queer diasporas
• (in)visible diasporas
• e-diasporas and technology
• diasporas and the city
• diasporic entanglements

The Audience
Who should get involved? Everyone with an interest in an interdisciplinary and collaborative exchange of research and information on diasporas and diaspora studies. This invitation is extended not only to academic faculty and students but also to independent researchers and others working outside an academic setting. The resulting broad cross-section of voices is a vital part of the project’s inclusivity and interdisciplinarity.

The Outcomes
Not only will we share insightful presentations during the project meeting, those presentations will also be compiled into an e-book. In addition, selected presentations will be expanded and shared with a much larger audience. Each of these goals will be met through publications in a variety of formats. We also encourage participants to use the project as a catalyst or an opportunity to meet others from around the world with whom to collaborate on further interdisciplinary research in the study of diaspora.