Monstrous Geographies

mglogoThe Project
This project aims to investigate the connections between location and monstrosity or evil. How does a place shape or form what happens there or how does the evil-monstrosity performed on a site shape it? Although places and sites are not generally accorded the “personality” that people are, the personality of a place does seem to have an effect on or be effected by the activities that happen there.

This project embraces everyone who wants to investigate the darker folklore or history of any geographic location thru any lens that seems appropriate, whether through a wide variety of traditional academic disciplines or through the arts (performative or otherwise) or any other approach that seems to shed light on an aspect of the place.

The Issues
Issues arise as life expands, contracts, and goes on. While certain places certainly seem to have spawned more than their fair share of tragedy or sorrow or violence, others seem to have attracted more performative displays of justice or enlightenment. Other places vacillate between the two. Why is that? Is there something inherently darker about some places or locales? How might those be identified? How might such viewpoints be defended? How does this make sense in a more rational, post-industrial world view than previously?

The Audience
Who should get involved? Everyone! Especially those who share a love for the given city or region being investigated currently.

The Outcomes
We hope to share not only all the briefer presentations of insights into the personality of geographical locations but to allow selected presentations to be expanded and shared with a much larger audience. Each of these goals will be met through publications in a variety of formats – or podcasts and cinematic or televised means, if possible.