We run a diverse range of conferences, meetings and events. These are grouped under 3 categories.

At The Interface

Meetings in the At the Interface collection of projects focus on one common core philosophy: to create working ‘encounter’ groups between people coming from differing disciplines, professions, vocations and business contexts. By virtue of such a philosophy, all projects within the domain are concerned with how to achieve inclusive inter-disciplinarity. The research and publishing activities of the projects within the Hub consequently all engage with issues of methodology: how can people working in similar areas, tackling common sets of problems and issues, do so in a creative and consistent manner whilst preserving the distinctiveness of the context from which they come? The aim of the projects within the At the Interface (in italics) Hub is to tackle large research areas and begin to map the overall terrain with the aim of showing where interdisciplinary work can be undertaken and provide a point of interconnection between differing networks of methodologies.

Probing the Boundaries

Meetings in the Probing the Boundaries collection of projects all focus on wrestling with a single question: what does it mean to be human? Being – and understanding – what it is to be human is not easy; we struggle to understand who and what we are, how to live the world, ways of living with each other: human being is a multi-layered phenomenon, and as such we need a wealth of disciplines, insights, perspectives and practices in order to help us grapple with the issues and questions involved. Meetings aim to blend disciplinary, theoretical and professional practices in order to survey research boundaries, plot the areas for collaborative exploration and draw upon existing knowledge bases in order to inform future research whilst illuminating the past. The research and publications projects aim to reflect on the boundaries of theory and practice and sign post where innovative and creative interdisciplinary work may be undertaken.

Critical Issues

Meetings in the Critical Issues collection of projects aim to provide a forum for examining key contemporary issues. Projects in the series are ‘critical’ in two senses; first, they are critical in the sense of being significant – the areas being explored are of dominant and pressing concern in contemporary living and thinking. Second, they are critical in the sense of being questioning – the projects are designed to allow for a full, frank and thorough discussion of all aspects of the area being examined. The purpose of these meetings is to concentrate on grappling with contemporary issues using inter- and trans-disciplinary tools of analysis. The projects examine accepted practices and traditions, question received wisdom, engage with complex issues which dominate current thinking and sign-post the opportunities for interdisciplinary modelling in addressing such issues.