The Ethos Hub is our newest research and publications Hub and takes note of the critical issues which are forming in the trends and fashions of contemporary life. The projects within the Hub focus on the dynamics of modern communities – cosmopolitanism, fashion, the nature and meaning of music; they explore the connections of modern trends with underlying movements within the communities – connecting music with metal and politics, looking at fundamentalism, religion and the ethos of social living, exploring the role of media, cyberculture and social and political ideologies. The Hub has been formed to stand at the nexus of the forces and trends which shape modern living and to offer innovative and cutting-edge engagements in seeking to understand how they form and how they work.

Hub Leader

The Ethos Hub presently has no Hub Leader. This is our newest collection of projects and represents everything that is cutting edge in our range of interdisciplianry projects. With new projects in 2009 to include Fashion – Exploring Critical Issues (and sponsored by a major fashion house) we are looking for someone who would enjoy the challenge of shaping and growing a range of distinctive projects which show cases the very best in interdisciplinarity. Please contact us if you would like to express an interest.

Get Involved

The Hub is a centre of activity for all the various projects which presently take place within it. We welcome your involvement and interaction; you may choose to become involved as little or as much as you like.

The Hub Leaders run a blog which discusses issues and themes arising from all the projects within the Evil hub. The blog will be available from 1st March 2009. You will be able to access the blog by clicking here.

During the course of 2009 a number of email discussion groups will come in to existence, one for each of the projects we run. These will be listed here as soon as they ready along eith details on how to subscribe.

From April 2009 there will be a series of eForums where people can share resources, access information and get involved in on-line discussions.

And from July 2009 we will be launching a Repository Wicki which will aim to become a comprehensive collection of materials and resources relating to the themes and issues covered by the hub and its projects.